These Veggie Spirals Are Changing the Fast Food Game

For us, spiralizing vegetables into “pasta” was almost as big a breakthrough as our first bite of these pancakes, or our first sip of this almond milk. Health food has come a long way this decade and there’s plenty to get excited about, but our unwavering love for zoodles and all things spiralized surpasses most of them.

We’ve got mandolines, spiral-makers and recipes galore at the ready for you, but if you’re more of an Uber Eats kind of gal, you might be more impressed with this delivery service from Hungryroot. Their carrot noodles with peanut sauce and sweet potato noodles with cashew cream sauce are both out of this world, they also offer crazy wellness desserts like black bean brownie batter (which our team devored in 5 minutes flat!) and chickpea almond cookie dough that bakes up in a flash.

We’re been ordering Hungryroot deliveries to the office whenever we tire of our intense smoothie routines, and today the zoodle-pushers have taken their delivery service national. Hungryroot also announced today their partnership with Whole Foods, beginning in Boston, MA! This is a big win for busy, spiral-obsessed foodies everywhere. Bon apetit!

TCM Reader Offer:

Hungryroot is offering this exclusive discount code for TCM readers: use CHALKBOARD20 for 20% off your first order online. This offer expires May 30th, so get on it – trust us and order the brownie batter! 
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