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When it comes to harnessing the healing magnetism of crystals at home, size matters.  However, big crystal energy doesn’t always come cheap. Resident crystal pro, Heather Askinosie of Energy Muse is here with her top picks for beautiful display crystals that won’t break the bank and instructions on where to place them for the best energetic effects. 

In the crystal world, size really does matter. Although all crystals of the same type have the same energy, larger crystals can have a greater influence on the way you feel because they emit stronger vibrations. Besides adding a touch of color and beauty to any room, a big crystal is perfect for the home because it has a strong enough energy to impact the space as a whole. When you are looking to incorporate crystals into your home, there’s no better way than a big crystal.

How + Where To Use Statement Crystals To Balance Your Home’s Energy

Once you’re convinced you need a statement piece, how do you know where to start? A huge 5-foot tall crystal might be #goals, but you can definitely capture the benefits of a bigger crystal through more conveniently sized pieces. One or two (or more) tabletop crystals can up-level the energy of your home with little-to-no effort required, which means you can reap the rewards without actually having to do anything besides place them. Here are the crystals that I believe everyone should have in their home:

Black Tourmaline For Protection | Like your energetic bodyguard, a Black Tourmaline crystal absorbs negativity to keep you shielded from bad vibes. Placing this crystal in your home is essential to keep the energy of your home positive and to remove all unwanted negativity. Shop now

Where to place it: By your front door (on the inside or outside) to keep bad vibes out.

Selenite For Light | Selenite is one of the highest vibration crystals, and it fills your home with equally high vibes. It also doubles as an energy purifier, removing any stuck or stagnant energy. This is the ideal stone for a living room to keep the room bright and cheery, as well as a bedroom to keep it pure and clear to promote restful sleep. Shop now

energy muse selenite lamp

Where to place it: On a nightstand or shelf to bring in the light and purify the environment.

Rose Quartz For Love | This pink crystal is all about love, happiness and harmony. It helps to create a warm, loving atmosphere at home. Shop now

Where to place it: This is a great addition to your child’s room, bedrooms, and anywhere else you want to foster love and harmony.

Amethyst For Peace | Amethyst is one of the most popular stones, and for good reason. The calming, peaceful energy creates an environment where you can relax and recharge, which is exactly the kind of energy you want to come home to. Shop Now

Where to place it: In your bedroom or living room to support peace and relaxation.

Close-up of a hand holding a pink crystal for cleansing negative energy

Shungite For EMFs | A tech detox is amazing whenever you can make it happen, but for the rest of the time, there’s Shungite. This stone is known for its ability to minimize the effect of electric and magnetic fields emitted by tech devices, which helps minimize the impact technology has on your energy and your home. SHOP NOW

Where to place it: On or near all electronics (laptop, desktop, phone).

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