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The straightest path to a solid abs and arm workout at home is to follow a boxer’s routine. This quick and weight-free workout comes to us from vegan personal trainer, Kollins Ezekh.

Coach Kollins hits practically every muscle group, gets our hearts pumping and has us checking off our HIIT goals for the week with this straight-forward arm workout at home that’ll also hit your abs in a major way. Grab a yoga mat, a bottle of water and give this no-excuses routine a try for seven days to start seeing major results.

A 10-Step Abs + Arm Workout At Home

arm workout at home punchesWarm Up |
Get your body fired up with this boxer’s warm up:
+ Cross body jacks, 30 seconds
+ Jab cross punches, 30 seconds
+ Jump forward and walk back, 30 seconds

arm workout at home leg lifts

Boxers Core Circuit |
Core is king in the boxing ring:
+ Heel touches, 20 reps
+ Windscreen wipers, 20 reps
+ Russian twists, 20 reps

dips workout

Strength |
These exercises are designed to increase the punching power of the boxer:
+ Decline push-ups, 15 reps
+ Dips, 15 reps
+ Bench skull crushers, 15 reps

burpees arm workout at home

Finishers | This part is designed to test the true champion in you:
Last but not least, it’s time to finish the fight! Throw a combination of punches and drop down to the ground. Get up, repeat, 20 reps.

Repeat the whole workout twice.

Looking for an arm workout at home without breaking a sweat? This one almost broke the internet. 

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