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Let’s be real. All of those adaptogens, acupuncture appointments and therapy sessions can cost a pretty penny. Are you really living well if you’re going broke in the process? Striving for financial wellbeing is as important for your healing journey as your nutrition and fitness goals, which is why we love the following tips to help manifest money from the crystal pros at Energy Muse. Crystals aren’t a cure-all but they can help bring our intentions to life — learn how to manifest money and attract abundance with the rich energy of these precious stones…

As much as you can’t buy happiness, having a healthy and stable relationship with money is an important component of living your best life. Wanting more money doesn’t make you selfish or greedy, in fact, it has the opposite effect. By knowing what you are worth and value, calling more money into your life becomes a reflection of what you deserve. When you are ready to attract success, abundance and prosperity, it’s time to call on the power of manifestation.

Can Crystals Help Manifest Wealth?By setting your mind to what you want to achieve in the financial department, you can turn your thoughts into reality. Expand your manifestation practice with the amplifying energies of crystals to attract more money.

Manifesting money can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated or intimidating. The first step is to be clear on what you want to manifest. Do you want a specific amount of money? New financial opportunities? Once you’ve decided what to manifest, allow your crystal to hold your intention so you can bring it to life.

Which Crystals Should I Use?Because there are different ways to go about manifesting money, there are also different crystals for the job. Choose one of the following crystal actions to bring your specific financial goals to life:

Citrine | Citrine holds the energy of the sun to raise your vibration and fill your spirit with positivity. This money stone gives you the mindset you need to send positive energy out into the universe. It helps attract the wealth you want.

Pen and paper
Citrine point

While holding your citrine point in your non-dominant hand, write down a list of what you want to manifest. Be specific! Hold your Citrine point in your hands, and say I am a money magnet eight times to program your crystal with your wealth intention.

Place your Citrine point on top of the paper with your list underneath to amplify your intention.

Pyrite | Pyrite is the ultimate crystal for manifesting money because it looks just like gold — and it has a rich energy, too. When its confidence and willpower you need to manifest money, reach for a Pyrite crystal to give you the bold energy to go after what you want.

Your business card, business proposal, contract etc.
Pyrite crystal

Place your Pyrite crystal on your desk or workspace on top of your business card, a proposal, a contract or even your bills to call wealth and financial success into that area of your life.

Aventurine | A stone of luck, Aventurine helps you arrive in the right place at the right time. It encourages you to say yes to opportunities that present themselves so you can increase your luck and bring more money into your life.

Aventurine stone

Place an Aventurine stone in your bra, pocket or purse to enhance your luck and supercharge your manifesting powers at all times.

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