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While most of us are doing our best to stock up on shelf-stable essentials like rice and beans lately, we’re also trying to figure out how we can keep a steady stream of fresh produce, cold-pressed juices and wellness shots on hand as well.

Many restaurants and farmers are answering the call for that need this spring and we’re sharing a few of our top resources. Here’s how we’re reducing our time out shopping, planning home deliveries and keeping our leafy green and immune-supportive veggies on hand the best we can.

13 Ways To Keep Fresh Produce On Hand Right Now

freeze fresh Foods | If you have fresh foods at home now and are afraid some will go bad before you have the chance to use, here’s our list of 16 foods you can freeze and use later (superfoods included).

order green juice deliveries | With so many of our beloved restaurants and shops closing right now, we’re thrilled that Pressed Juicery is still shipping, delivering, and offering curbside pickup. Pressed Juicery’s green juices, almond and oat milks and wide-range of wellness shots are healthy beverages we drink daily under normal circumstances.

Their delivery menus reads like our entire wellness toolkit in one fell swoop — from celery juice bundles to turmeric goodies and the immunity shots we pound all day. Available juice bundles are perfect to keep us from snacking on junk all day at home, while flooding our systems with vitamins and minerals. A win-win and then some. While you are at it, stocking up on almond and oat milk for morning coffee, recipes and everything else… learn more

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buy Farmer’s market Deliveries | Our local farmers and small restaurants who are delivering could use the support more than ever. Seek out small farmers and food businesses from your local markets and check-in to see if they are delivering. Many are!

Nationwide favorites:
+ Imperfect Foods
+ Farm Fresh To You
+ Local Food Directories for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Here in Los Angeles:
+ Heirloom LA  is selling beyond organic produce boxes, as well as offering home delivery of their incredible, fresh-made meals.
+ Gjusta Bakery is selling curated boxes via doordash and ubereats, as well as offering curbside pick-up. Produce boxes are available, as well as some of their best loved menu items and wines.
Neighborhood: Gerri Hirsh’s local cafe is offering produce and market pop-ups and pick-ups in partnership with Country Line Harvest
+ Lady & Larder  who makes LA’s favorite charcuterie boards is selling pre-packaged produce boxes from Schaner Farm Stand.
+ Tender Greens is offering farm boxes and pantry boxes for delivery alongside their current menu.

Stock Up On Green Powders | Shelf-stable? Check. Full of nutrients? Check. And when you need a pick-me-up powder, this is for you. Green powders are a great way to supplement your diet right now without worrying about keeping a fresh supply of greens on hand daily. Protein powders can be incredibly useful to keep on hand too to fill nutritional gaps. Here are our favorite options.

neighborly sharing | Check sites like Nextdoor where neighbors are offering fruit tree swaps by leaving lemons, oranges and other fruits out of their front yards to take freely.

How are you keeping fresh fruits and veggies on hand during this time?
Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Ferment them! It increases their nutrients, creates friendly probiotics, and preserves them indefinitely! And they are delicious!

    Donna Dudek | 04.04.2020 | Reply

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