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There’s something uniquely luxurious about slathering on a skin treatment you know is pure because you mixed it up yourself. We’ve gathered nine homemade DIY facials that are giving us major self-care feels right now. Play around and explore them all — you’ve got the time — for the nurturing and healing your skin is craving right now.

From a rose and witch hazel toner to some major Manuka action, this list of beautifying DIYs makes it easy to master the homemade facial. Hit up your kitchen for ingredients, click through the links below and get glowing…

Raid Your Pantry | Chances are you have a treasure trove of clean beauty products in your kitchen already. Brown sugar for gentle exfoliation, olive oil to soothe tired eyes, and even probiotic capsules for a potent anti-aging mask. Discover ten genius ways to work with ingredients you already have with these tips from Sonya Dakar and a few ingredients to leave behind here.

3-step Floral Facial | This is one of our favorite homemade facial routines. A fragrant DIY dried floral steam is followed by a honey cleanse and then a simple, edible face mask made of oats, honey and cinnamon. The result? Peace of mind and a perfect glow. read more

Lemon-Honey Peel | You may have tried glycolic acid treatments at the spa, but did you these peels are made with ingredients you can find in your very own kitchen? Pour a pitcher of lemon water, put on something more comfortable, and try this brightening, rejuvenating at-home facial. read more

Flex Your Face | There’s magic in movement. Practices like facial acupressure or this face yoga routine help soften fine lines, reduce inflammation, break up stagnation, and keep your facial muscles toned. Try it when you’re washing your face, applying a mask or working in your fave serum. read more

Mix + Match Masks | No two faces are the same, so no two homemade facials should be either. By learning about which superfood ingredients are beneficial for tour skin type, and which should stay in the fridge, you can easily hit the kitchen and concoct a personalized mask on a whim. read more

Aloe + Rose Toner Wipes | Invest a few minutes making this ultra-simple beauty DIY and instantly upgrade every homemade facial experience. Swipe one of the hydrating, clarifying toner-soaked pads across your skin after cleansing for an extra layer of nourishment. Pro tip: they’re perfect to take to the gym! read more

Turmeric to Get Your Glow | This turmeric glow mask is made with the inflammation-slaying superfood, plus tocos, pearl powder and raw honey. It’s gentle but powerfully enriching, and only a cup of almond milk away from being the best smoothie ever. read more

Are you in DIY self-care mode too?
If so, what’s your ultimate homemade facial routine? Share below!

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