How To Arrange Tall Branches In A Vase

Raw, exposed beams are great, and we love a boucle furniture moment lately. All the retro French ranges in kitchens lately? Swoon. But none of these highly curated (and expensive) interior moments can hold a candle to the item that will cost you less than $40 and a wistful waltz to the flower market.

Next time you’re scrolling through designer rooms on Pinterest or flipping through the pages of Architectural Digest, keep an eye out for one thing: a towering vase full of branches.

Whether leafy or bare, willowy or tall as a tree, a vase of live branches has become the piece de resistance in any great room. We dare you to check your Pinterest boards and come back to us.
tall branch arrangements

Photos: Farrow & Ball | Jess Isaac for Amber Interiors 

While the look is certainly not for everyone (we see you tulip and peony lovers!), a tall vase of branches can have an oversized impact on the feel of a space. There’s such a sense of abundance with a tall branch arrangement — a modern take on bringing the outdoors in.

Our design friend, Athena Caldrone shared about her own obsession with branches indoors recently. Join Athena as she walks us through shopping for branches from her flower market in NYC. Check your local flower market, hunt the florist section at your grocer or neighborhood florist — and  don’t be afraid to forage!

You can forage for branches just about anywhere, as long as they’re growing in the wild or in your own yard. There’s no better way to keep your selections seasonal. You may need a canvas carrier like this one and a serious pair of shears like these beauties to make it easy.

chic garden tools

How To Arrange Tall Branches In A Vase

When it comes to your choice in branches, the options are endless:

+ Try one sculptural bare branch askew in a glass vase as a centerpiece. We like dry manzanita.

+ Fill a kitchen corner with fresh spring branches, fluffy with new foliage. Maple, magnolia and myrtle are all nice choices.

+ Anchor a space like an island or entry table with two tall green branch arrangements. (Roses never could.) Look for cherry blossom, myrtle and eucalyptus branches.

Most importantly, you’ll need a tall, sturdy vase and we’ve rounded up a few we love below. Find one you love, then watch Athena build a tall branch arrangement in her home!

terracotta vaseArtisan Vase, Tall Teardrop  | Tall Antique Terracotta Vase with Handle

ceramic vases

Brizo Large White Vase  | Threshold Skinny Glass Vase

ceramic vase

Torino White Textured Vase | Roose Set of 2 Black Iron Vases

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