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Vowing to eat healthier this year? These 100 recipes exemplify a few of our favorite healthy “food groups” that make healthy recipes easy to get the hang of — and return to again and again! We’ve rounded up reliable recipes from us, our contributors, favorite bloggers and cookbooks all in one place below, give a few a try. There are nine cooking categories – if you have success with, say, wraps – pop back in again and try another recipe from the same group! You might be on to something.

100 Clean + Healthy Recipes You Should Try This Year

Easy Bakes: Bake breakfast. Bake dinner. Bake dessert! We rely on the oven for recipes we can throw together and throw in the heat. Try these sweet potatoes from Daphne and almond butter brownies.

All The Spirals: Our fixation with veggie spirals is very real. Warm carrot spirals with green sauce, zucchini noodles in pasta sauce, the list of amazingness goes on. 

Flexible Bowls: We went bowl crazy a few years ago! Smoothie bowls, grain bowls and all the rest. Find out why here.

Pretty Toasts: Toast ain’t just for butter anymore. Use toast (or eggplant!) to pile healthy ingredients high as an easy breakfast or lunch. All the recipes

Versatile Wraps: Collard wraps, green ravioli and fresh tacos! Scroll through til you find a veggie wrap that speaks to you. Then give it a shot!

Jar Breakfasts: Learn to make overnight oats or chia pudding and you may find life changed. Try these recipes, let us know what happens. 

Salads That Work Hard: Salads have come a long way, baby. Think beyond the caesar and discover a recipe that’ll fill you up well. 

Roasted Vegetables: Learn to roast a few high flavor sides, make this cauliflower for sure, and see all the most delicious versions we love most. 

Stocks + Broths: Make bone broth your new base for warm and cozy recipes. You’ll infinitely improve the nutrition of your soups and this full round-up of soup and broth ideas will keep you cozy anytime the temperature (or your immunity!) drops.

What do you rely on throughout the year for simple, healthy meals you
and your friends and family will actually eat? Leave us your comments below! 

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