Hot HIIT: 6 Fitness-Oriented Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day

The couple that sweats together, stays together – science says so! Recent research has shown that you’re more likely to stick with your workouts if you’ve got a buddy by your side. Workout out as a pair can keep you accountable, encourage you to try new things, and boost your association with exercise altogether (nothing like some laughter to get you through a set of squats). Whether you’re looking to get your best body ever or just spice up your sweat sesh, everything’s more fun with a little help from your friends – or main squeeze.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up our fave routines that are also simple date ideas, from simple stretches to hard-core HIIT. Get your man (or BFF!) on board with these six workouts made specifically to tackle as a pair:

6 Workouts To Do Together This Valentine’s Day


This couple sweats together like it’s their job – probably because it is. These two hot Equinox trainers have created a simple workout for Q by Equinox set to get you hot and sweaty in record time: four exercise, three sets each. Now that’s what we call a quickie. Try it here!

Stretch + Flex

Champagne, couples massages, and…hamstring stretches? Oh, behave. You don’t have to have a hot n’ heavy sweat sesh to up each other’s fitness level – try this stress-relieving routine by BeFit to stretch out your bodies and improve flexibility (wink, wink).

Power (Pilates) Couple

One of our favorite workout routines on TCM, this power Pilates sequence for two is the ultimate bonding experience for friends or sweethearts. Perform these twelve moves in a row for a full body workout that’ll levae you smiling (and shaking!). Not a Pilates pro? Not a problem – check the modifications for a workout that’s fit for all levels. Try it here!

Total Body Love

Leave it to husband and wife team Kelli and Daniel of Fitness Blender to take nine minutes and turn it into a total-body workout perfect for all fitness levels. No matter where you and your honey are on your fitness journey – maybe one of you is a beginner, maybe one’s a pro – this workout will have you both working up a major sweat and HIITing it hard. Try it here!

Core Attraction

The ever-chic Lauren Gores Ireland has made it a goal to workout with her husband once a week, and is letting us in on their go-to core workout for two. From leg throws and planks to sit ups and medicine balls, this workout is the Irelands’ recipe for a total twelve-pack. Try it here!

Yoga For Two

Add a little variety to your practice by doubling up! This sequence by MyYogaWorks is fun, exciting, and makes you feel like a little kid all over again – check out their variation on a headstand! Try it here!

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