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we love a good health and beauty routine and, according to the internet, so do you. Skincare regimens and healthy routines are some of the most addictive content on the web these days — and there’s no more compelling beauty routine than a bride-to-be’s all-in approach.

Holly Liss Jammet, founder of social agency Enlisst, has worked with some of our favorite brands from The Infatuation to goop to Amber Interior’s All Sorts. The digitally-savvy foodie recently celebrated her nuptials to sweetgreen co-founder Nicolas Jammet with a ceremony that would make any true food-lover proud — including a cake made of Felix’s freshly-baked focaccia. So how does a bride with such great culinary taste stay in tip-top condition for her big day? We asked Holly as much and were floored by her thoroughly holistic bicoastal routine.

Enjoy yet another health and beauty routine to cull for great tips and mindful inspiration. Sometimes all we need for a good glow up is a reminder about a great product we’d nearly forgotten about (hello, Baby Facial!) or to hear just how energizing working with a nutritionist can really be. Get inspired by Holly Liss Jammet’s intense, yet luxe blend of blissful self-care treatments, cult-adored products, and tried-and-true fitness and beauty rituals that add up over time to have a major impact. Remember, if you don’t have access to trainers and nutritionists or live far from LA and NYC, we’ve got tons of content from the best of them to help you emulate their work at home!

My Wedding Wellness Prep While In Los Angeles

Diet | My trainer Allyson Gottfried is also a nutritionist and put me on a plan that was essentially 80% clean meals (no dairy, gluten, soy, legumes or sugar) and 20% open meals. So we ate a ton of sweetgreen and would cook meals at home based on what was fresh and in-season at the farmer’s market. Then during our open meals, we’d still get to go to our favorite restaurants and enjoy ourselves. I stayed very hydrated, drinking a ton of water throughout the day and would have a green juice a couple times a week.

Supplements | In the morning, I always start my day with a coffee and add Sun Potion cordyceps, ashwagandha and Vital Proteins collagen. In the evening, Gut Check WTHN supplements, probiotics and magnesium.

Sleep | Aimed to get at least seven to eight hours per night. Nothing is better than a full eight to help me feel my best.

fitness | A mix of sessions with my trainer Allyson Gottfried, Tracy Anderson, Modelfit and yoga with Calvin Corzine.

Facials | Religiously went to Cynthia Marie Franco. She goes deep! I love her signature anti-aging rejuvenation treatment that has the works—oxygen, peels, micro-currenting, etc. Then the week of the wedding, I went in for her head-to-toe glow treatment and my skin never looked better. At home I followed a strict Drunk Elephant routine—every Sunday I did their Baby Facial treatment to keep things smooth and supple. The day of my wedding a good friend recommended I do a face ice bath to get rid of any puffiness and it really worked.

Bodywork + Lymphatic Drainage | Ricari Studios visits for cellular stimulation and Olympic Spa, a Korean spa, for their “pure bliss” treatment. At home, dry-brushing and head-to-toe moisturizing.

Infrared Sauna | A couple times a week to detox—30 minutes per session.

Beauty | Brows and haircut at Striiike and coloring at Mare Salon.

My Wedding Wellness Prep While In NYC

Diet | Tried my best to behave with a lot of sweetgreen and Union Square farmer’s market runs, but the restaurant scene is so insane in NYC—I’d often go more like 60% clean meals and 40% open meals when I was in the city. Staying hydrated and juicing was never a problem.

Workouts | A mix of Tracy Anderson, Modelfit, Y7 and walking whenever I could.

Facials | At home, a strict Drunk Elephant routine and every Sunday I did their Baby Facial treatment to keep things smooth and supple. Also, gua sha and face-cupping to reduce inflammation.

Bodywork + Lymphatic Drainage | At home dry-brushing and head-to-toe moisturizing.

Colonics | Monthly, every time I was in town with Gil—he’s a legend in the East Village.

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