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Guru Jagat is an LA-based Kundalini master adored for her ability to pair unfiltered practicality with an ethereal presence — and a deep connection to true mind-body wellness (get a taste with her best-selling book here). Guru’s modern practice defies labels, but she nonetheless managed to stun us all when she took a dive into fashion, launching a sustainable couture collection that showed during Paris FashionWeek.

Her debut in the fashion world is a delightful surprise and an unexpected leap forward for sustainable fashion. We asked Guru Jagat to share her approach to fashion and were intrigued by her perspective. Partnering with Le Paradox, a sustainable showroom and ethical communication platform, Guru’s very first fashion collection embodies a deliciously philosophical perspective on high-fashion…

Tell us about the line in three words.

Sound technology spacesuits.

what inspired the launch of the fashion line?

I’ve always understood the energetic connection between style and experience. In elementary school I would change outfits multiple times a day to change up how I felt, in fact I still do. When I took on a deeper spiritual study, I discovered the Tibetan term drala, which is actually the technology for adorning yourself in ways that enhance clarity of mind and purpose of spirit.

paris fashion weekThe Guru Jagat Collection 01 was built from conception to consumer as a worship of the modern woman. A society, or world, that doesn’t respect its women is doomed. From civil rights to the burning of the Amazon, I think we are seeing that so clearly now.

The Guru Jagat Collection 01 was constructed with precision for the exaltation of the wearer. It consists of eight unique couture designs that drape each body in a unique way to amplify creativity, aero-dynamicity and beauty throughout space and time. I created it as a pathway to bring harmonic resonance to the femme body, and thus her surroundings, home and the world.

A fashion collection is unexpected from you—You are such an unconventional thinker which we love about you. Tell us about the surprise factor.

One of my missions with everything I create is to disrupt all the ideas of what a deeply spiritual person, spiritual experience and spiritual community looks like. Just wait until I roll out my all-gender meditative street-wear in December (called Robotic Disaster) that rails against the numbed out mind control culture.

guru jagat design

PFW is a big deal—What does it mean to you to blur the line between your practice and the fashion world and to show there?

Thank you! For me, the reception of Guru Jagat Collection 01 at Paris Fashion Week represents the innovation of the fashion world as they are looking for something deeper, more sustainable and meaningful. Cecilia Musmeci of Le Paradox was monumental in our successful presentation.

The designs are modest and notably all white. For those who aren’t oriented to the kundalini way, will you explain why?

I’m into the female form draped in beautiful well-designed textiles and I love white clothes—they’re my uniform. So naturally, I wanted to create my favorite themes for my first collection. We are now launching all sorts of naturally dyed incredible new pieces coming for the holidays and new year.

guru jagat paris fashion weekWho are your pieces for?

One of the things I’m most proud of regarding the collection is each piece is precision tailored, yet sewn in such a way that any shape is adorned. The Guru Jagat Collection is body positive. It’s for every woman, man and gender non-conforming who wants to dress for liberation and exaltation.

What do you hope women gain from these pieces?

In the essence of sunlight, sound rays created the molecular time of your body. How could one robe, gown or tunic harken all your beauty to lands, planets and lovers, known and unknown? In wearing them my prayer is that you experience devotion to your most unique being and reclamation of the beauty way.

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