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We’ve run into some freaky-looking wellness treatments that, despite appearances, are some of the most deeply healing modalities out there. Moxibustion definitely qualifies.

If you’ve ever tried cupping and acupuncture, you may have tried moxibustion as well, but the strange-looking treatment is still lesser known. Traditional Chinese Medicine pro, Mona Dan of Vie Healing is one of our go-to educators on ancient treatments. Dan is breaking down the in’s and out’s of vibrancy-boosting moxibustion below — what it does, how it goes down, and why it’s definitely worth a try…

What Is Moxibustion? Moxa or moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which dried plant materials called “moxa” are burned near the surface of the skin to encourage the flow of Qi in the body. The term moxibustion is derived from the Japanese word meaning “burning herb.” Mugwort plant is the main healing component of this therapy. Also known as artemisia vulgaris, mugwort is harvested for 3-5 days before use. Mugwort has been used alongside acupuncture and used as a complementary treatment, its also said in that “a disease that may not be treated by acupuncture may be treated by moxibustion.”

What is the modality used for? Moxa, short for moxibustion,  is primarily used to strengthen the immune system, bringing warmth to the body and increasing blood flow. When blood flows well, the body switches from stress mode to processing mode, which is very healing. Alongside boosting immunity, moxa is extremely beneficial for the treatment of adrenal fatigue,  pain, fertility, respiratory issues, digestive issues and much more! For issues like adrenal fatigue, the warmth caused by the moxa assists greatly by benefiting the kidneys that give us our core energy. By keeping our low backs and bellies warm, we are able to extend our health and longevity. Moxa is also used to turn breech babies by burning moxa on a point on the mother’s little toe.

How do you MOXA? There are different methods to use moxa: there are sticks, loose herbs, different tools, and we also salt and ginger to assists us in treatments! With salt or ginger,  a moxa cone is placed on the belly button. Then the moxa is lit, slowly and evenly generating heat.With sticks of various sizes, the moxa is lit like a cigar on one end of a moxa stick. With the heat reducing slowly, we hold it close to the area being treated until the area turns red (but not burned). Short sticks can be used on top of needles placed on acupoints with an adhesive barrier as well. The therapy usually takes around 10-30 minutes, depending on the number of moxa used. You should not feel any burning or comfortable sensation during the process; feeling relaxed is very common however.

Have you tried moxibustion? Let us know your experience in the comments below! 

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