Do brownies count as a balanced lunch if they’re made out of beans and full of fiber and protein? It did for us one afternoon last week after we admittedly destroyed a tub of this cookie dough as a team (hashtag morale-boosting exercises!)

Get a load of these four healthier versions of the most indulgent treats we can think of this time of year. While Pressed Juicery Freeze doesn’t make a square meal Monday through Friday (we’ve tried), it does beat out regular visits to the fro yo spot or ice cream parlor by quite a bit. Think vegan recipes, less sugar and not a mystery ingredient in the bunch…

Pure Genius Chickpea Brownies | The brand name says it all. These brownies and blondies are gluten, soy, nut and dairy-free, kosher and full of fiber and plant-protein. Enjoy with a little almond milk for a rich pseudo-indulgence that might actually have you feeling better than you did pre-treat. Now that’s refreshing. LEARN MORE

Hungry Root Almond + Sweet Potato Cookie Dough | Obsessed is an understatement. We could live off this stuff – not just because it’s insanely delicious either raw or baked, but because the dough’s recipe is about as squeaky clean as it gets. With chickpea, almond butter, sweet potato and tahini as main ingredients, little is stopping us from having it for all the meals, not just after them. LEARN MORE

Pressed Juicery Freeze | Made with almonds, dates, coconut and not much else, we almost feel wrong calling this dreamy vegan ice cream a dessert. This totally clean sweet is one of our go-to faves (find a location near you here). We love topping ours with berries and almond butter to kick up the whole-food health factor even more. LEARN MORE

Edoughble “Nutty Monkey” Cookie Dough | Cookie dough fiends beware, this ready-to-eat vegan and gluten-free cookie dough is literally irresistible – especially on a cozy fall night in. Made with peanut butter, bananas, almond meal and rice flour, this delectable blend is better than anything like it you’ll find in a grocery store, assuming something like it even exists.  LEARN MORE

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