4 Essential Supplements You Should Consider Taking Daily

With so many options available, finding the perfect daily combo of supplements can feel like Rubick’s Cube-ing – crazy-making for all but a few of us. While everyone’s nutritional needs vary, these recommendation for essential supplements from our friends at Food Matters is totally TCM-approved: The brands are trust-worthy and clean. If you’re overwhelmed, this is a great place to start…

How we look and feel depends a lot on the nutrients that we eat, digest, and absorb. Whilst supplements are not a replacement for nutritious eating, taking the right combination can help to seal the nutritional gaps that are missing in your day to day life, supporting you to be as healthy as you can be.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve connected with everyone from GPs, nutritionists, naturopaths, osteopaths, and everything in between, sourcing you the best advice across the globe to support you on your journey. During this time, the following four supplements continued to come up in conversation. So if you’re looking to stay well, prevent disease, improve your energy, or simply put a little extra ‘zing’ back into your step, put a supplement plan in place today, starting with the doctor-approved daily essentials mapped out below…

A High Quality Multivitamin To Cover The Spectrum: When considering a supplement program, the first step is choosing a high quality, high dose multivitamin. It’s important as it forms a solid foundation of high level health upon which you can build and tailor the rest of your supplements. A multivitamin helps to fill the gaps of vitamins and minerals that may be missing from what you eat, so that you’ve got your base nutrition covered each day. The multivitamin should include the recommended daily levels of iron, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin D, chromium, magnesium, zinc, copper and selenium.

A Natural Vitamin C To Look Great, Boost Your Immunity And Prevent Chronic Disease:Vitamin C specialist Dr Ian Brighthope swears by vitamin C to help cure a whole manner of diseases, from flu to cancer. A powerful building block of the immune system, vitamin C has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and is also a dynamic antioxidant, helping to prevent the development of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease as well as support healthy skin and collagen production. It’s incredibly important to consume enough each day as your body doesn’t actually produce it!

Our Top Picks: Food Matters Superfood Vitamin CPremier Research Labs Vitamin CGarden of Life Vitamin Code Vitamin C and Nutrigold Vitamin C Gold

Essential Fatty Acids To Help Keep Your Brain Sharp And Your Body Nimble: Essential fatty acids are incredibly important to keep you, (and especially your brain, skin and joints) functioning at top performance. The three key fatty acids include ALA, EPA, and DHA. EPA and DHA come from fish and animal products. They are the most effectively absorbed and ready to support your bodies health, whereas ALA, mainly from plant foods, needs to be converted by the body into either EPA or DHA. All three forms can be taken orally via oils or capsules.

Essential fatty acids are necessary for: maintaining healthy hair and skin, elevating your mood, nourishing the brain, supporting a healthy pregnancy, increasing energy and helps to regulate blood sugar.

Our Top Picks: Premier Research Labs DHANordic Naturals Ultimate OmegaGarden of Life Oceans Beyond Omega-3Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA and Chia Co Chia Seed Oil (Vegan Option, rich in ALA but not EPA or DHA)

 A Multi-Strain Probiotic For Improved Digestion, Immunity And Mood:The word “probiotic” is a compound of two Greek words: “pro,” to signify promotion of and “biotic,” which means life. Their very definition is something that affirms life and health. Ultimately, how we look and feel depends a lot on the nutrients that we eat, digest, and absorb. Each of us has more than 1,000 different types of bacteria that live in our digestive tracts, helping us to break down food and absorb nutrients, improve our immunity, reduce risk of urinary tract infections, ward off colon cancer, and may even reduce our risk of common allergies!

But when we take antibiotics — medicine that is designed to kill destructive, illness-causing bacteria — the drugs can also kill the healthy intestinal flora, causing our health to suffer.A standard Western diet and poor lifestyle choices can also cause the ratio of healthy vs harmful bacteria to be thrown out of balance, resulting in a whole range of conditions.You can purchase probiotics in many forms, including powders, tablets and capsules.

The Chalkboard Mag and its materials are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. 
All material on The Chalkboard Mag is provided for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have regarding a medical condition, and before undertaking any diet, exercise or other health related program. 

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