Healthy Late-Night Snacks:

LATELY WE’RE MORE likely to spend a night swaddled in our couch throw, healthy late-night snacks in hand, than make it out anywhere after 9pm. Scary movie marathon or season blitz, we predict enjoying many a Nextflix night-in this season.

We’re also (thoroughly) aware that a binge can get scary fast when the late-night snacks start making their way towards our couch-cocoon. It starts with a handful of farmers market kettle corn; it ends with a graveyard of emptied pizza boxes and a three-day sugar hangover. Here’s what you should eat instead…

Healthy Late-Night Snacks: No Prep

Popcorn. While the healthiest way to eat popcorn is to make it yourself, not all of us are equipped with skills for such stove wizardry. Fortunately there are quite a few clean, instant popcorn options out there; check in with this list of ingredients to avoid to help you find pop-perfection.

Sacha Inchi Seeds. We’re a little addicted to this crunchy, salty superfood. They taste like how a roasted peanut shells smell, which might not sound that awesome at first but trust us; take another handful and you’ll be hooked. They’re also packed with protein and plenty of healthy fats to quench your cravings and keep you sated.

Seaweed Snacks. If you’re craving something salty that you can munch on mindlessly without the need for damage control, these are your golden ticket. Buy pre-packaged seaweed snacks for spontaneous snacking, or go homemade with poke on top if you’re feeling fancy.

Avocado Toastlettes. So simple it’s genius. Make mini versions of avocado toast but cutting up a regular avo toast into smaller, movie snack-sized squares.

Healthy Late-Night Snacks: Low Prep

Veggies + Hummus, Every Which Way.All you need is love… and recipes for pumpkin hummus, beet hummus and a picture-perfect rainbow crudite platter. Learn the no-fail formula for prepping a crudite plate you’ll a actually be excited about. If you’re looking for an upgrade, we love these convenient dip-filled crudite cups. Keep it simple or take it next level with these bell pepper poppers.
Berry Bowl. Sweet and simple like a bowl of candy, but full of antioxidants and vitamins instead of refined sugar and preservatives. Chamomile in this bowl of berries makes the easy dish just a little more special.
The World’s Cleanest Chips. You’ll have to heat your oven and do some chopping, which is more than your usual chip bag demands, but the effort is (minimal and) super worth it. Make any of these: baked beet chips and sweet potato fries with avocado dip, rosemary beet chips, oven-baked kale chips or these gloriously gluten-free nachos with vegan cheese sauce.

Healthy Late-Night Snacks: Make Ahead

Raw Munchies. We love those snacks that you can whip up in a batch, pop into the fridge or freezer and enjoy whenever. Some of our fave recipes include: these blueberry hemp bites, these genius raw oreos, these raw reishi energy bites and this recipe for raw carrot cupcakes.

Faux Ice Cream.If you’re craving some personal pint-time, we get it. Feed your craving with a clean creation like this coconut nice cream that only requires two ingredients. You might even decide to get fancy with these GF homemade ice cream cones.

Chocolate Cups. This candy classic tastes so much better when it’s homemade using real, nourishing ingredients. Try these chocolate almond butter. chocolate seeds. You might want to make a low maintenance version with these dark chocolate drops.

Dehydrated Veggie Chips Etc. This requires a bit of equipment and patience, but you can’t get cleaner than dried veggies. These ranch carrots and these spicy Brussels sprout nachos. are two of our favorites.

Pizza. Delivery could never look – or feel – as good as this breakfast pizza or this veggie-crusted zucchini pizza.

Cookies. Cookies are the ultimate move snack. Make it clean with this recipe for dark chocolate cherry cookies or these one-bowl almond madelines. Go for a gluten-free classic like this chocolate chip situation; make ahead and freeze in a roll wrapped in parchment paper or in dollops and bake up just a few instead of a full batch.

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