It has taken me years (of therapy) to discern between what is a ritual and what is a routine. But having grown into a full-fledged adult, who revels in canceling plans in favor of self-indulgent — maybe moon-based — rituals, I can honestly say that maybe my routine is only about having rituals! It’s fine, it’s fine! I’m fine!

Naturally, when I was given the opportunity to enter the whimsical, herbal-infused world of The Alchemist’s Kitchen, I said “giddyup!” outloud to my supportive spirit guides and readied myself for some serious botanical wellness rituals.

Was CBD involved? Well, obviously. However, the science-backed fun didn’t stop there.

Inside The Alchemist’s Kitchen

While The Alchemist’s Kitchen sounds like a place where you craft spells or evaporate into a million pieces of rose quartz, it’s actually as pragmatic as it is ethereal.

Everything they touch, craft, source, and formulate is built with intention and ancient wisdom. Working with herbalists and botanical experts, The Alchemist’s Kitchen has made a name for itself as a trusted marketplace with an outstanding curation of high-quality natural medicines, herbal remedies, and whole plant beauty products.

Their flagship botanical dispensary in the heart of New York’s SoHo has within it an Elixir Bar that rivals Erewhon’s tonic creations.

My Shroomy Experiment

My mission: I wanted to try three remedies that would be easily incorporated into my routine, but would also feel ritualistic, healing, and process-driven simultaneously. I wanted each item to have a purpose, but also bring me pleasure, which — I know — is very Virgo-Sun, Gemini-Rising of me.

Here was my alchemic bounty…

alchemists kitchen products

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JAHMU CAFFEINE-FREE TURMERIC CHAI BLEND | Turmeric has been having a moment for thousands of years and just won’t stop having its moment — now in the form of chai. The Jahmu Turmeric Chai Blend takes all that is turmeric and all that is chai and brings them together in an insane way that doesn’t require any sugar, additives, or artificial flavors, just the easiest-to-make, easier-to-drink bliss I’ve ever experienced. All you need is ½ tsp of the Jahmu blend, your favorite mylk, and a frother of some kind for the ideal morning or afternoon caffeine pick-me-up. SHOP NOW

THE MEDICINAL MUSHROOM CO. IMMUNITY SPAGYRIC MUSHROOM TINCTURE WITH CHAGA | This tincture had me at “functional mushrooms.” While Arielle from The Little Mermaid may have had gidgets and gadgets galore, she did not have a perfectly balanced concoction of nature’s finest adaptogens in the form of organically grown and sustainably wild-crafted turkey tail, chaga, artist conk, red-belted conk*, and elderberry extracts.

With thousands of years of tried-and-true medicinal wisdom, this tincture was the perfect addition to my morning supplement routine for an added dose of energy and protection. The smooth hints of orange peel and rosehips alongside its extremely high-nutrient profile of antioxidants, folate, and calcium were an added bonus. SHOP NOW

*Conk, by the way, is also a functional mushroom with major wellness properties.

PLANT ALCHEMY ARNICA + HEMP LINAMENT OIL | Plant Alchemy, which is a part of The Alchemist’s Kitchen’s very own collection, combines my favorite, natural anti-inflammatory ingredients for instantaneous relief that soothes and comforts “hot spots” for the nights that I drop it a little too low while dancing in the bathroom. While most topicals rely solely on CBD as the standout, pain-relieving all-star, Plant Alchemy brings the heat with cooling herbs like peppermint essential oil and wild-harvested arnica (aka the “bruise eraser”). Beyond helping to ease discomfort, this easy-to-apply spray helps to reduce any muscle tension, bruises, swelling, or even cuts. SHOP NOW

4 More Alchemist’s Kitchen Products Not To Miss

With so many thoughtfully selected products within their online shop, there aren’t enough years in a lifetime to get through every magical thing Alchemist’s Kitchen has to offer. That doesn’t mean a girl can’t try though! Here are some other mystical products to add to your transcendent list for 2022…

PLANT ALCHEMY SEA SALT CBD DARK CHOCOLATE | Whoever said you can’t eat relaxation was wrong! With 60mg of full-spectrum CBD hemp extract and all-natural ingredients like organic raw cacao butter, raw honey, organic raw cacao powder, and coconut oil, this 70% dark chocolate bar packs a punch for an antioxidant-laden, chill-inducing snack. SHOP NOW 

anima mundi rose powder

ANIMA MUNDI ROSE HEART OPENING POWDER | The Chalkboard Mag is no stranger to the magical, herbal essence of Anima Mundi. Inspired by generational wisdom, Adriana Ayales’ Heart Opening Powder uses pure rose petals in an immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory tonic that can be added to mylk, water, tea, or smoothies. You’ll feel like you know what you’re doing with your life. SHOP NOW

PLANT ALCHEMY BOTANICAL JOY CONCENTRATE | Wait, wait, wait. A Joy Concentrate? Made to add to any beverage for some instant mood elevation, Plant Alchemy combines synergistic adaptogenic herbs that have been shown to reduce the body’s response to stress and increase energy and overall wellbeing. SHOP NOW
joy elixir products

NAO AYURVEDA ORAL DETOX OIL | If you’re not on the oil pulling train, it’s time to jump aboard. Renowned in Ayurveda for its daily detoxing effects, oil pulling is said to help improve oral health, increase digestion, and remove toxins in just a 15-minute swish. Nao Ayurveda’s Detox Oil uses Ayurveda’s best oils — organic coconut, sesame, and neem oil — with therapeutic-grade essential oils like clove, peppermint, and myrrh for a high-end, refreshing start to any morning. SHOP NOW

Join The Workshop!

Join The Alchemist’s Kitchen for a 4-part workshop, The Rebel’s Apothecary with Jenny Sansouci (pictured at top). Sansouci will discuss the different ways to get back to your healing roots by incorporating cannabis and mushrooms into your daily wellness routine correctly and with ease! Join the workshops with product and book for $99 or just the workshops themselves for an even better deal.

Get 20% off any of the products I tried or any order from The Alchemist’s Kitchen
with code CHALKBOARD20

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