Healthy Grocery Shopping

It may seem like the simplest task of the week, but without learning to nail a good grocery list you may never learn to really kill it in the kitchen.

We’re all guilty of stumbling out of the grocery store with much more than what was on our grocery list. Even with all of our nutritional knowledge — and endless inspiration from our In My Fridge series — it can be tough to avoid eye contact with those fake health snacks and innocent-seeming processed foods. Here’s how to keep things strategic (and sustainable!) while grocery shopping, according to you

Make sure you eat before you shop and carry a snack just in case.

Only shopping the perimeter of the store! The middle aisles are full of preservatives.

Bring your own reusable bags. Only buy what you can carry.

If you have a farmers market, check it out before going to the grocery store for all your fresh produce.

Sourcing items from bulk bins whenever possible – they’re usually way cheaper!

Skip the plastic bags in the produce section. Fruits and veggies have skins for a reason – they’ll be fine in your basket without creating that extra waste.

Online ordering for delivery! Not only do I save time, but there is no risk of being tempted to buy anything extra or unhealthy as I only “see” the items I type in. #gamechanger


This is more of an “after grocery shopping hack” but I like to cut up fruits and veggies right when I get home so they’re quick and easy to grab and go. Nothing goes to waste.

Always buy unsweetened and use your own sweetener of choice at home to avoid excess sugar intake.

Buy frozen fruits and veggies for smoothies. You can get out of season produce that is still full of nutrients because they’re flash-frozen during peak season and organic is much more affordable than fresh fruits and veggies.

Only use a basket to shop with. If I can’t carry it, then it goes back on the shelf, which usually makes me rethink that sweet treat that found its way in.

Try to buy things that aren’t in packages! Totally gets you away from processed stuff and into real foods.

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