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Hot girl summer is slowly transitioning into cozy girl fall, and we couldn’t be more ready. As we approach this snuggly, stay-at-home season, we’re looking for sensory ways to embrace the shift — and the absolute easiest way is to load up on a selection of non-toxic fall home scents like these.

Aromatherapy can come in all shapes, sizes, and delivery methods that go well beyond an essential oil diffuser. Adding soothing aromas throughout your home and office can transform the feeling of your space and the tone of your mood with just the quick flick of a lighter.

Instead of lighting up that chemical-laden pumpkin spice candle you impulsively picked up from the convenience store, invest in a musky botanical beauty from one of our fave California designers. Step up your incense game with a gorgeous terra cotta holder, or ignite a spherical Palo Santo to clear the energy in your home while infusing your space with a seriously soothing scent. Whatever your Autumn vibe might be, these fall home scents offer an instant portal to a cozier state of mind…

fall home scents pomegranate melograno in terracotta | This handcrafted terra cotta pomegranate is soaked in Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella’s Melograno fragrance which is released slowly in the air. Stick it on a platter in plain sight or tuck it into your closet for an intoxicating refresh. CHECK OUT
brass insense holderSchool House Brass Incense Set | A minimalist and sculptural solid brass incense set will give you every reason to light up something magical and infuse your space with delicious fall home scents. CHECK OUT
the now incenseThe Now Incense | Our favorite local massage studio, The NOW, is a hub of holistic relaxation, and that extends to their retail offerings as well. Their incense is low smoke with just the right amount of scent, never overpowering and designed to fill each space with fresh, inspiring energy. CHECK OUT
Terra cotta Incense Burner | Hand-formed on a potter’s wheel with locally-sourced clay and finished in terracotta, this stunning incense holder doubles as sculptural decor when it’s not in use. CHECK OUT
juniper ridge sweetgrassjuniper ridge sweetgrass Smudge Braid | Skip the sage and try sweetgrass smudge braid instead. These wildcrafted incense rope will elicit happy feelings of home, hearth, baking, cooking, and spice while helping to clear away all unwanted and distracting energies. CHECK OUT
Jenni Kayne Musk Matte Glass Candle | Inspired by designer Jenni Kayne’s love of musk fragrances, this chic candle fills the room with a sophisticated scent, featuring notes of spicy cardamom, amber, sandalwood and orchid. CHECK OUT
palo santo spheresThe Now Palo Santo Sphere | Plop these pretty Palo Santo spheres into a bowl and let them be a gorgeous decor addition until you’re ready to put them to use. Whether you’re clearing energy or just looking to scent-ify your home, simply light up a sphere and let the sweet, subtle and fresh fragrance of Palo Santo wash over you, clearing stagnant energies and uplift your spirit. Pro-Tip: Add a dab of coconut candle wax onto the sphere to help ignite the flame. CHECK OUT
fall home scentsSimmer Scents | When hosting this fall, whether for the holidays or for fun, there’s nothing like walking in the front door, and being greeted by the warm smell of spices simmering on the stove. These packages of potpourri spice simmer blends have zero added chemicals or artificial scents. Simply add bag to a couple of cups of water, heat in a small saucepan and simmer on low. Sit back and let the cozy fall home scents swirl around your home. CHECK OUT
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