Having A Moment: Algae-Based Beauty By Marie Veronique Organics

Every so often, a product comes along that we deem worthy of putting on a pedestal. There’s just too much going on in the world of natural beauty for us not to obsess! We’re getting the word out and letting you know about those one-off, crazy products that are driving us wild and keeping us abuzz…

having a moment: Marie Veronique Organics’ entire line of Pacific skincare is pretty incredible (we’ve included them in many the skincare round-up!), but three of their potent, marine-based treatments are capturing the attention of the entire beauty world: their Topical Marine Treatment, Vitamin C capsules and Night Serum with Retinol. These three treatments are high-impact anti-agers – but without many of the common side-effects of their less-natural counterparts.

Why you need it: Beauty authorities like ELLE are giving these products their official seal of approval. With their marine-based formulas, some are even hailing these treatments natural beauty’s new Creme de la Mer. While magical marine ingredients have been causing a stir for quite some time now, we love these versions for their pure, concentrated and totally organic formulations.

Pacific Night Serum and Marine Treatment both contain nourishing bio-active peptides from algae and seaweed. Extremely potent for aging skin, the Marine Treatment fights thinning by actually stimulating the formation of new blood vessels and other elements responsible for the creation of collagen and elastin. Experts compare this to the results of lasers, microdermabrasion or clinical peels, but without any of the potential damage these procedures can cause.

How to get your paws on it: The topical marine treatment is meant to be used over a period of 3 months for radical, yet totally natural results. The Vitamin C and Serum duo are meant to be used together for the most rewarding night-time ritual: open a vitamin C capsule, pour half a cap into your palm and add a dropper full of serum. Mix in your hand and apply the mixture to freshly cleaned skin. The mix absorbs immediately and the whole process is strangely satisfying, a fun ritual worth the trouble and with results that can be seen in just a few mornings.

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