Hannah Bronfman’s formula for wellness is simple: do what feels good. As the title of her brand new book, the DJ and founder of HBFIT wants to remind us all of an important lesson about modern wellness. Trends are fun and routines can be powerful, but only if you’re really listening to what your body wants and needs.

Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies, and Routines to Treat Your Body Right is inspired by Hannah’s personal journey towards self-acceptance and learning how to feel at home in her own body. The fitness pro and wellness lover grew up witnessing loved ones struggle with eating disorders and spent years finding a firm place to build her own ideas about balanced well being and holistic health.

When it comes to food, the Hannah Bronfman diet doesn’t look one specific way. She loves loading up on buzzy superfoods and healthy homemade meals, but will gladly go all out at a new foodie haunt and make travel memories by eating her way across new cultures. We love her approach — flexible but always focused on her main goal to feel good — and needed to know more. Take a peek into her edible habits with our favorite foodie series, In My Fridge

Hannah Bronfman diet

Food philosophy:

I don’t like to eat in one specific way — I truly believe that listening to my body serves me best.

Always in my fridge:

Some type of nut milk, Hu Kitchen chocolate, Teatonic herbal teas and lots of fresh veggies to dip in my Bitchin’ Sauce!

Recipe staples always on hand:

Sesame oil, avocado oil, crushed red pepper, cilantro, avocado, fresh lettuces and matcha.

Must-have munchies:

Hippeas, Bitchin’ Sauce, Skinny Pop and crushed red pepper, Hu Kitchen sauce, the Ground Up cauliflower pretzels and almond butter.

Favorite condiments:

Mustard! Dijon and spicy brown, specifically.

Ingredients that make everything taste better:

Salt and crushed red pepper.

Go-to proteins:

Chicken, fish, turkey and plant-based protein powder.

Best bargin:

Trader Joe’s everything.

Best label-reading tip:

Ingredients are listed by quantities, so if sugar is the first thing listed then it’s mostly that in the food. Also, something might say organic on the front but still check the back label to see if the individual ingredients are actually organic.

Favorite veggie + what you make with it:

Broccoli or squash — I love both roasted with salt, pepper and avocado oil. Maybe I’ll add some nutritional yeast on the broccoli so it’s kind of like a cheesy broccoli bite.

Must-have pantry staples:

Almond flour, nutritional yeast, coconut aminos, all the spices, apple cider vinegar, monk fruit sugar and baking powder/soda for baking.

Craziest thing I buy:

I love buying the latest superfoods and right now I’m loving Pearl Powder and Blue Majik. I have recipes using both ingredients in my book.

Go-to sweet:

I love dark chocolate! I’m not a huge dessert person but I do love breakfast sconces and any type of breakfast bread, especially banana, pumpkin and pear.

Dairy or non-dairy favorite:

Non-dairy for the win! I love Anita’s coconut yogurt, Ripple non-dairy milk, Miyoko vegan butter and their chive spread is the best alternative to cream cheese. But, on second thought, Kite Hill chive spread might give them a run for their money.

Skip labels that read:

GMOs, high-saturated fats, artificial anything and ingredients that I can’t pronounce.

When I splurge, it's on:

I’ll splurge on a great meal at a restaurant I am dying to go to.

For last-minute entertaining:

I love having a spread of fresh veggies and dips. My go-to dips are my macadamia garlic chive spread or walnut lentil pate from my book Do What Feels Good.

Favorite places to shop:

Natural food commodities, Honest Chops, Eataly and Natural Green Market.

My simple go-to recipe:

Rotisserie chicken over a bed of arugula, avocado and cucumber with a Dijon, apple cider vinegar dressing.

I also love a veggie filled omelet or frittata using leftover veggies.

Best food memory:

Eating my way through Israel — every single meal was incredible and I remember it all so vividly. The single best moment though was the shellfish pot at Machneyuda in Jerusalem. I want to go back at least a thousand more times in my lifetime.

Loving these Hannah Bronfman diet insights? Discover her favorite green beauty habits here.

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