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Anxiety lives in the mind. That’s why many pros will tell you that it’s so important to find ways to bring yourself back into your body when anxious thinking takes hold. One of the prettiest ways to become present is to develop a grounding ritual with healing crystals for anxiety.

On one level, there are specific crystals that are energetically ‘attuned’ to soothe anxiety. Find them below. On another level, having any kind of physical relic – like a crystal – to represent your intention to de-stress can really help! The ladies over at Energy Muse are sharing three recommendations for the best crystals for anxiety…

As exciting as it can be, the start of a new year also brings anxiety. With big changes happening, resolutions weighing on you, and, of course, the stresses of everyday life, things can quickly get overwhelming. This year, dedicate one of your resolutions to taking anxiety management into your own hands by using crystals for anxiety.

How Do Crystals Help With Anxiety? 

Since anxiety lives in the mind, working with crystals that connect to your headspace is the best way to soothe chaotic thoughts. When looking to cleanse and center your mind, use stones for the third eye and crown chakras. These crystals will infuse your mental space with the calm, balancing energies needed to quell any lingering worries. For this reason, Lepidolite, Blue Lace Agate, and Amethyst are three of my top crystals for anxiety. Here’s why, and how to use them…

How To Use Crystals For Anxiety 

let go with Lepidolite | This crystal’s lavender hue and high vibrational energy helps to balance your third eye chakra, the energy center associated with your thoughts. By balancing your third eye, Lepidolite helps bring awareness to your anxiety triggers and helps you become aware of anxious thoughts. When you have a greater sense of awareness of the causes and behaviors that contribute to your anxiety, you can better learn to manage and minimize the toll anxiety takes on your mental state. This crystal naturally contains lithium, a compound used in some anti-anxiety medications, making it an even more powerful crystal for managing anxiety.

When you feel an onset of anxiety, grab hold of your Lepidolite crystal. Hold it in both hands and set your intention for the crystal by saying aloud: I am aware of my anxiety, and I choose to let it go. Sit and breathe as you hold your Lepidolite crystal until your anxiety passes.

calm with Blue Lace Agate | Blue Lace Agate crystals are known for their stress-relieving properties. You’ll feel calmer just by looking at these heavenly blue crystals, but the benefits run much deeper. Blue Lace Agate connects to both the third eye and crown chakras, bridging the gap between your thoughts and your highest self. It soothes away stress and anxiety with its tranquil blue hues, helping to replace chaotic thoughts with calm ones.

You never know when stress and anxiety will show up, so carry Blue Lace Agate with you in your purse or pocket for on-the-go anxiety relief. With this stone by your side, you can go through the day with an extra dose of calming energy.

peace out with Amethyst | Amethyst connects with the third eye chakra and brings peace to your mind. It helps you tap into your inner peace, allowing you to find a sense of tranquility and quiet within yourself. In this inner stillness, you can separate yourself from the noise that results from anxiousness. Let Amethyst purify your mind and fill you with peace — the remedy to an anxious state of mind.

Sometimes all you need is a little peace and quiet to keep anxiety at bay. Place an Amethyst crystal in your bedroom or any other space that you want to infuse with peaceful energy.

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