Guilty Pleasure Workout Playlist

Music can propel us forward, make us think, conjure up deep emotions. It can also remind us to laugh and find the silliness in everyday life. When the going gets tough and motivation is low, sometimes the only thing that can get you moving is that one song you keep locked in the vault of your iPod. You know, the one that you’ve stealthily renamed just in case anyone should glance over your shoulder and see the true contents of your playlist. Don’t worry – we won’t tell.

Guilty pleasures do more than just make us want to sing along; they boost our mood and urge us to add a little skip into our step, no matter the circumstance. Here at The Chalkboard, we have few qualms about letting our freak flags fly high. So without further ado, here is a Guilty Pleasure playlist for those times when all you need to motivate your movement is a little ditty from a Top 40 superstar or one hit wonder.

‘Larger Than Life’ – Backstreet Boys
‘Baby One More Time’ – Britney Spears
‘Space Cowboy’ – *NSYNC
‘Beautiful Life’ – Ace Of Base
‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ – Coolio
‘I’m On A Boat’ – The Lonely Island
‘Say You’ll Be There’ – Spice Girls
‘All I Really Want’ – Alanis Morissette
‘Come Sail Away’ – Styx
‘We’re An American Band’ – Grand Funk Railroad
‘Caught Up In You’ – .38 Special
‘Feels Like The First Time’ – Foreigner
‘Rico Suave’ – Gerardo
‘Goodbye Stranger’ – Supertramp
‘Vogue’ – Madonna

What is your ipod’s guilty pleasure?

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