Superfood Spotlight: Manuka Honey

Most of us love honey. After all, what’s not to love? It’s both sweet and healthy! Manuka honey is so unique, and its healing powers are unparalleled. It is classified as a Therapeutic Good in New Zealand and across the globe. It contains the unique “manuka factor”, a highly beneficial antibacterial substance with healing characteristics above and beyond those found in other honeys.

Bees on New Zealand’s Coromandel Coast collect nectar from the Manuka or Tea Tree. This nutrient-rich, living honey is responsible for killing certain bacterias and fungi, including staph, strep and even antibiotic-resistant MRSA (golden staph). It is also excellent for people who suffer with upset stomach or any ulcers. You can grab a spoonful, add it to oatmeal or sweeten your tea to reap the rewards of this medicinal honey. I love Wedderspoon‘s Manuka Honey.

What is your favorite use for honey at home?

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