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Minaa B., LMSW is a wellness, self-care and mental health coach we admire and follow on social media. During the peak of the pandemic, Minaa founded Minaa B. Consulting Inc in response to the overwhelming request for mental health resources. She and her team of licensed mental health professionals help both individuals and organizations to establish mindful, integrative mental health policies and practices.

Following the tragic violence of the past few weeks in our nation, Minaa’s insightful perspective has helped us to navigate the complex and overwhelming emotions that have followed. We hope that these insights from Minaa will help you to do the same…

01 | Remind yourself that anger and rage is a valid emotional response to trauma and injustice.

02 | Remind yourself that being exposed to numerous forms of violent trauma is not normal. Please do not become desensitized.

03 | Remind yourself that you can possess two emotions at once. You can hold space for both gratitude and grief. Let them co-exist.

4 | Remind yourself that you don’t need to be caught up all the time. IT’s okay to take a break from the media to grieve, process or mourn.

05 | Remind yourself that co-regulation is healing. Please don’t isolate. Find someone in your community that you can lean on and process your emotions with.

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