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Are you protein deficient? Though most Americans are not, some health-conscious individuals are more at risk, including those on calorie restrictive diets and those who lean vegan or vegetarian who do not properly plan their meals.

Common signs of protein deficiency include moodiness, anxiousness or insomnia, trouble losing weight, muscle wasting, brittle nails, flaky skin, thinning hair and irregular periods. The body uses proteins to synthesize neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin which is why a deficiency can so aggravate our sleep and mood.

If you don’t think you’re getting enough protein or just find it challenging to find convenient protein sources within your lifestyle, a simple solution is to incorporate more protein bars. The key is in choosing one that’s functional, clean and not a sugar bomb. Our latest bar crush? B.T.R. NATION.

Last month, B.T.R. NATION founder Ashley Nickelsen sent me a ton of her functional bars in flavors like Cinnamon Cookie Dough with cordyceps and Cherry Chocolate Chip with reishi. I loved the ingredients list on the packaging and finished off the entire supply in just a couple of weeks.

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I had forgotten how incredibly convenient it is to have a box of bars around. It might sound crazy, but on some days, even making a mid-day smoothie can feel like too big of an undertaking! Double that sentiment if I’m driving, traveling, or between events and healthy sources of protein are nowhere to be found. As it turns out, that’s exactly what compelled Ashley to build her brand. Stay tuned for more on her incredibly relatable story.

An Ode To Functional Protein Bars

Let’s be honest, protein bars are highly convenient, but not always delicious (or clean). B.T.R. Bars are one of our rare picks in the category for their registered dietician-approved ingredients, functional superfoods and dessert-like flavors from cookie dough to peanut butter chocolate chip.

You can order B.T.R. Bars by the boxful to keep stocked in your pantry, desk or entryway to grab as you go. Use code CHALKBOARD for 20% off site-wide plus free shipping! B.T.R.’s options are incredibly flexible which I appreciate: buy a 3-pack of boxes in your favorite flavors, build your own box bar by bar, or just order a 4-bar sample pack that’ll allow you to taste flavors first.

All 5 B.T.R. Bar flavors:

CINNAMON COOKIE DOUGH ENERGY powered by cordyceps, hemp protein, maca, and cinnamon (Tastes like a snickerdoodle!)

DARK CHOCOLATE BROWNIE RECHARGE powered by MCT oil, cacao, spinach, kale and maca (Tastes like a fudge brownie!)

PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE CHIP BLISS powered by reishi, pumpkin seeds, and cacao (Tastes like a soft baked peanut butter cookie)

BANANA NUT NOURISH powered by ashwagandha, turmeric, and Himalayan pink sea salt (Tastes like banana bread)

CHERRY CHOCOLATE CHIP ZEN powered by Montmorency tart cherries, reishi, and pumpkin seeds (Tastes like a cherry chocolate pop-tart)

How I’m Using the Bars

Enjoying B.T.R. Bars all month has me back on the convenience of a good, clean protein bar! Throughout the month, I’ve found it so easy to add more protein and adaptogens into my diet each day (all without any added sugar) without any prep.

+ Faster Than A Smoothie: While working from home, stopping to make a green protein smoothie can be easy, except for the days when it’s not. On those days, I love being able to grab a Cinnamon Cookie Dough ENERGY bar for protein, plus brain and mood-supportive cordyceps and maca.

+ On-The-Go Savior: Here’s the thing, if I’m hungry in a car, airport or between meetings, it means I’m stressed to start with — that’s when I need clean protein and adaptogenic superfoods the most. If I’ve packed along a Cherry Chocolate Chip ZEN Bar I’m always so, so relieved!

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+ Smoothie Topping Upgrade: On days when I do have time to stop and make a smoothie, this is my absolute favorite way to use the B.T.R. Bars! I unwrap and chop a bar into cookie dough-sized chunks, then sprinkle them on top of the smoothie. Heaven. Any of the bars work for this, just select the functional ingredients you need most for the given day. Crumbling a bar onto yogurt or nice cream works too!

+ After-Dinner Snack: Since the bars come in cookie-like flavors they’ve become my ultimate evening treat. There’s nothing wrong with dessert, but I find these bars just as satisfying as any packaged cookie out there—sans the added sugar. I like to unwrap whichever B.T.R. Bar I’m in the mood for, snap it in half and throw it on a plate so that I’ve got two ‘cookies’ to enjoy.

All of the B.T.R. Bars are made with a base of nut butter, whether cashew, almond or peanut. (Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip BLISS sold out 5x last year!) The protein blend varies from bar to bar, from pea and almond to hemp or pumpkin. I like to mix up the bars from day to day so that I’m getting a wide variety of plant-based proteins for a variety of nutrition.

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The new Banana Nut NOURISH bar is crafted in collaboration with a registered herbalist and includes pumpkin seed protein in the blend along with organic KSM-66 ashwagandha extract (the most well researched ashwagandha on the planet!)

Shop B.T.R. Bars for 20% off

Use our exclusive code for a generous 20% off your first B.T.R. Bar purchase.

My go-to order is the 3-box bundle with 12 Cinnamon Cookie Dough Bars, 12 Dark Chocolate Brownie Bars and 12 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bars. If you want to start soft, order the limited edition bestseller sampler with only 6 bars or build your own custom box with all the flavors you want to try!

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