You can find us tossing back bottles of green juice all day, every day — and we’ll admit, our standards for the stuff are high. When our favorite foodie, Kat Odell, reported back from a the culinarily-prestigious George V in Paris raving about their glass of greens, naturally we had to know more. The Michelin 3-starred, Le Cinq serves up an elderflower-spiked tonic we’re dreaming of geting our hands on…

What I Ate: Four Seasons Hotel George V’s Go Green Detox juice.

Why I Ate It: I had been traveling for nearly six weeks straight and was about to embark on another multi-course tasting menu. In France – the home of butter, foie and overall excessive culinary decadence — nonetheless. I sat in the plush, opulent lounge prior to my meal at the restaurant’s legendary three-Michelin-star restaurant Le Cinq, and when I was offered a flute of Champagne; instead, I reached for a green juice. Specifically what I asked for – knowing that my dinner would be paired along with a series of wines — was a booze-free beverage which would wake me up, and was likewise refreshing. And so I landed…

Why You Need It: George V’s Go Green Detox juice is a melange of basil, lemongrass, elderflower, lime juice, cucumber, ginger beer and sparkling water. By now, I’ve probably tasted hundreds of different takes on green juice. I feel like I’ve tried them all, especially since so many taste nearly the same. But this version offered a freshness and vibrancy that’s been missing.

There’s something to be said about how a wildly famous hotel with its wildly famous restaurant, Le Cinq – certainly a proper white-table-cloth French dining affair — decides to present juice, green, in this case. The Go Green absolutely has a chef’s touch, with a strong ginger bite that’s brightened with carbonation and lime and given complexity through elderflower (never had that in a green juice before!). The basil offers a welcome spice, while the lemongrass jumps in with floral notes. Cucumber adds that clean spa-water quality. Three-star-Michelin green juice? It’s this right here.

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