4 Clever Ways To Detox Your Life During Your Commute

Are we there yet? said no one ever on their way to work. The downtime before a long day can offer much needed time to chill, but it could also serve as so much more. These simple mind-body tips from the lady bosses behind Career Contessa — a career site built just for women — are guaranteed to upgrade a standard commute to full-blown wellness-status, and can make a world of difference for work-life balance

There are endless wellness bloggers, Instagram fitness fanatics and juice companies telling us to go on some kind of detox, whether it be dietary, cutting out iPhone screen time, or the old standby, Dry January. But while these health gurus surely have the best of intentions, they aren’t accounting for one little thing that gets in the way of most detoxes: time that’s not your own.

For many busy working women, and trust us, we get working women, perfect meal planning, not checking phones after work, or not indulging in a glass of wine on Friday night is not an option. Especially that last one. But there is a way to sneak a detox into even the busiest of schedules. You can do it on your commute.

For your Mind

Your public transportation of choice is no Canyon Ranch, we get that. But you can still find a little mental clarity during your commute. After a busy day, try clearing your mind with a guided meditation app and feel all the stress of the day start to melt away.

If meditation isn’t your thing, you can still enrich your mind with a little education on the go. If you commute by train, use the time to watch an educational video or webinar. If you’re the career climber type, try one that will help you with your career. By car or on foot? Listen to a wellness audiobook or even a self-help podcast like “Help Me Be Me”. You’ll feel more productive knowing you spent your commute learning something new instead of counting the minutes until it’s over.

For Your Body

Be real with yourself; it’s unlikely that you’ll successfully pull off a juice cleanse on days you have back-to-back meetings scheduled and being hangry isn’t an option. But you can start your day off by skipping the caffeine and squeezing in a few servings of fruits and veggies.

Blending up a healthy smoothie or picking up a green juice in the mornings means you can start the day with a real breakfast and make up for all the hydration you lost in the night. Plus, drinking it on-the-go saves time sitting at the breakfast table.

For Your (Digital) Soul

If you take public transportation, your phone is your saving grace, whether you prefer listening to music that blocks out the people coughing next to you or getting lost in an Instagram scrolling session to pass the time. We know you aren’t going to turn it off in favor of journaling or reading every day, but you can do a digital detox without parting from your handheld companion. This way, you won’t miss any incoming emails.

It’s time to clean up your digital life. Go through your phone and delete any old contacts so you never accidentally Facetime your ex again. Do the same with all those photos that weren’t worthy of posting. Delete apps you never use, old text-message chains and podcasts you’ve already listened to. You know you need the extra storage.

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