It’s easy to get swept away by the clean beauty scene. With so many cool products to play with, we sometimes forget that simplicity is a glow’s best friend – and love being reminded by Green Goddesses like Tara Mackey. We love that this blogger, author (and soul singer’s!) approach to natural beauty is easy to embrace. More than that, we love that her path reminds us of why this all matters in the first place.

Diagnosed at a young age with medical conditions that required a slew of prescriptions, Tara made a hard left turn for the West Coast and a new lifestyle of non-toxic, intensely nourishing living. Her book, Cured By Nature, tells the inspiring story in full.

We love all the unique picks and perspectives from the brand founders, beauty bloggers and facialists featured in our Green Goddess Guides. Tara’s does not disappoint – read on and be sure to grab her personal beauty elixir recipe below! 

Can’t travel without…

My supplements. They solve everything from fatigue to a mood crisis and even balance out my tummy, my skin and my hormones throughout my travels. I could forget everything else in my bag as long as I had my supplements.

In a pinch I…

Grab some Waxelene and go! It solves dry skin, chapped lips and can even add a glow over or under makeup. It’s my totally organic Vaseline replacement!

Always in my evening clutch:

Dr. Bach’s flower remedies. If I’m stressed out or tired, I’ll grab my flower remedy of choice and add just a few drops under the tongue for instant and natural relief.

Obsession of the moment:

Powdered collagen! I add it to everything, combined with calcium carbonate. It’s kept my skin plump and hydrated as well as helped my hair and nails grow like crazy. I call it natural Botox!

Beautifying snack/meal:

A fresh fruit salad. I add almonds, tofu and greens for an extra boost and glow!

Beautifying drink:

My Beauty Juice recipe. I’ve been making it every day lately! Great for dark circles, redness, hair and nail growth; it fights acne scars and puffiness. It’s amazing – get the recipe below!

For ultra-glamorous effect:

I’m really simple, but normally to “glam it up” I add a dab of RMS Beauty highlighter to the corner of my eyes. I know it sounds subtle, but it truly makes all the difference!

Perfect pout:

I’ve been loving Nudus Australia lately – their formulas are organic as well as very nourishing and long lasting.

Beauty tool:

Food is my favorite beauty tool. I’m loving my Body Boosting smoothie lately. It really kicks my glow up a notch!

Weirdest beauty habit:

I’m crazy about oral hygiene so maybe my charcoal coconut oil pull, which I do nightly. I recently pulled this one out around my family and they were like, “What are you doing?!” because the charcoal turns your teeth black. It’s temporary though! Brush, rinse and your teeth will be as white as ever!

In the shower I keep…

A dry brush!

On my bedside table…

Books, crystals and a journal.

Once a month I…

Treat myself to a self-love date. Sometimes I get a blow out, other times a massage, some days I just take myself to a museum. It’s a must for me!

After a long night or rough weekend…

I drink a ton of water. Then I boil chamomile tea and use my chamomile tea bags as under-eye patches. Works wonders.

On little sleep I rely on…

Music! This gets me motivated more than anything.

The product that changed my skin…

DIM supplements cured my hormonal acne.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day.

For glowing skin…

Activated charcoal and lemon water.

My go-to DIY recipe or smoothie recipe:

Fresh Beauty Juice!

Fresh Beauty Juice


1 batch organic carrots
1 handful organic rose petals
1 Tbsp Sun Potion ashitaba for healthy blood + a sun kissed glow
1 Tbsp Sun Potion moringa for all the essential amino acids (building blocks of life)
1 Tbsp Moon Juice Beauty Dust to increase collagen
1 sprig of mint
1 sprig of sage
1 organic lemon
2 squirts Sleeping Monk Goddess in Bloom elixir for beauty + rejuvenation


Combine all ingredients in a blender. Add ice and water. Blend on high! Drink up and enjoy!

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  1. Surprised anyone still features this girl. Everyone in the green community knows she buys followers and lies relentlessly about her acomplishments. I unfollowed her last week after seeing her buy over 1,000 followers in just a few days. In a world that is supposed to be genuine, this blogger is not. Thumbs down.

    Melissa | 11.02.2016 | Reply
    • This is clearly a blogger Britney Faith who constantlyly harasses this author! I have seen her say these exact same things myself and unfollowed her! There is no place in the wellness world for this. Say something kind or nothing at all.

      Jessie | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  2. Surprised to see her here as I’m catching up on the GG series. I used to follow Tara having discovered her through her youtube videos (songs) that were quite nice, but her “green journey” always sounded a bit too salesy to me, and not very genuine. After reading a few pages from her Cured by Nature book, I was completely disappointed. This is how you make green living sound like scam!

    • Shame on you for being featured here and leaving negative comments on other people’s profiles Britanie! Very unprofessional and exactly why I unfollowed you!

      Jessie | 02.05.2017 | Reply
  3. Great tips & tricks, thanks for sharing! Activated charcoal is really the IT beauty item these days – it’s soooo great! I’ve tried flower remedies too and it was one of the most successful alternative remedies I’ve ever used! 🙂

    Jodi | 03.19.2017 | Reply

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