Oil pulling can whiten your teeth, support all over mouth health and boost your entire body’s immunity. And although it’s been trending lately, it can also be gosh darn inconvenient…and kind of weird.

Here’s the thing about health trends like oil pulling, despite the newness of swishing coconut oil in the morning, we’ve got to remember – at some point in history, brushing our teeth was a weird, modern habit too. Someone had to be the first to create the perfectly sized toothbrush and whip up an herbal mint paste to match (an aside for history geeks: it was this guy!). Just because the practice of oil pulling hasn’t been popularized or commodified, doesn’t mean its not legit.

We love that oil pulling is having a moment in the sun lately, most of all because it brings all kinds of innovative new products to the surface, like single serving oil-pulling packs.

Our favorite thus far comes from Keeko, the first brand to make oil-pulling cute. Between the packaging and the convenience factor we couldn’t be more into it. Why dole out precious funds on glass bottles of face oil and countertop succulents then allow your vanity or sinktop to be marred by the presence of a leaky, grease-covered jar of coconut oil? Keep that jar in the pantry where it belongs and try out one of these new brands that’s making the healthy process easier. One portion oil-pulling packs make us more likely to keep up the healthy habit – and gives us the option of “pulling” on the go.

Want to get into oil-pulling but don’t know where to start? We highly recommend you try it daily for one month. If you can’t stick to it every day, try the holistic habit when you feel your immunity slumping. Oil swishing is purported to pull toxins quickly and easily from your system. Follow up with a tongue scraper or solid tooth-brushing and you’re all set!

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  1. I love TCM and come here everyday for fantastic tid bits about health and beauty, but have to admit this article really struck me as off brand. LOVE that you are promoting oil pulling as a practice, however I find it a bit odd that TCM would promote a product that creates so much waste and is not economically viable given that you can buy a jar of coconut oil that will last over 2 months for less than $10. This article left me feeling like I was being targeted as a comsumer. Given that TCM is so generous with valuable information this didn’t sit well.

    Marissa F | 11.02.2016 | Reply
  2. Completely agree with the two thoughts above. I love TCM, but this product generates so much waste!

    sloan | 11.02.2016 | Reply
  3. Yeah, agree with other comments! This amount of waste is gross. Jar and spoon FTW. Also, since when is coconut oil is goopy or slimy?!?

  4. Agree with all of you.. Love TCM for some of their posts but others like the way the promote pressed juicery which is juices made with conventional vegetables bottled somewhere and shipped in a truck… Might as well drink the pesticides… Funny when I asked them – the girl in the store said they wash the veggies… It’s like saying we can rid of the toxins in the organs by taking a shower…. Get real and drink juices freshly made by you or places like Mothers.. They even have a note on days when some produce is not organic so you can make your decisions.. Choose wise, live healthy and happy..

    Rachel | 11.02.2016 | Reply
  5. I agree that this product generates too much waste and that is something we need to focus on improving. We shouldn’t give into something just because its convenient! Love how TCM promotes good personal habits but they need to be good for the earth too!

    Haley | 11.02.2016 | Reply
  6. Hi guys, we love this feedback! Agreed the waste is additional. We get excited when important health practices like oil pulling begin to feel more accesible to the friends and family who aren’t as hard core as we are. We still think these are a great solution for travel and office, but we hear ya on this issue! Also, this story is not paid – we were simply inspired by the brand.

    The Chalkboard | 11.02.2016 | Reply
    • Thanks for your reply! Still a loyal TCM reader 🙂

      Marissa F | 11.03.2016 | Reply
  7. Waste is NOT cute — this product is incredibly excessive and I feel disheartened to see yet another wasteful brand being promoted on a popular website such as TCM. If you’re worried about getting oil on your bathroom countertop just put it in the cabinet or under the sink on small dish to catch the dripping oil…? I’ve personally never had a problem with my jars getting ‘leaky’ or ‘greasy’. And as for the reply about health practices being accessible to those who aren’t as hardcore, I think you could just as easily write an inspirational article about why it IS cute to use just a spoon for a scoop and a glass jar instead of toxic, disposable, non-biodegradable plastic packets.

    Cali | 11.04.2016 | Reply

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