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How dangerous could a career in beauty really be? When it comes to hazardous jobs, we think of restaurant kitchens and open construction lots, before fashion shoots and dressing rooms. But green goddess and celebrity makeup artist Rose Marie Swift had to find out the hard way that a career in beauty had health hazards of it’s own.

After a host of health problems prompted her to get blood work done, Rose Marie was stunned when her doctor asked if she worked in the cosmetics biz. It turned out that her blood contained toxic levels of heavy metals including aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead, and mercury, not to mention high levels of pesticides and other chemicals. Determined to not only heal herself but the millions of women unknowingly purchasing hazardous beauty products off the shelves Rose Marie started her own line, RMS Beauty.

RMS Beauty now has a cult following, leading the way in organic, safe beauty and is a fave of ours in The Shop. Rose Marie has worked with some of the most famous faces in the world – everyone from Giselle to Demi – preaching the all-natural beauty gospel wherever she goes (that includes her online footprint via the myth-busting, truth-revealing Beauty Truth, which she created to alert others of the dangers lurking in the drugstore aisles. Take a peek inside this green goddess’s makeup bag, steal a page off her beautifying menu, and get glowing the natural way…safety first.

Green Goddess Guide: Rose Marie Swift of RMS Beauty

Obsession of the moment:

Biofeedback L.I.F.E.

Can’t travel without…

Chlorella tablets and my cell.

Always in my evening clutch:

Cash and red lipstick.

The product that changed my skin…

In a pinch I…


Beautifying snack/meal:

Coconut kefir.

Beautifying drink:

Anything green with added sprouts.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Good light.

Perfect pout:

Red lips… I am too old to pout.

Beauty tool:

Eye lash curler

Weirdest beauty habit:


In the shower I keep…

My toothbrush.

On my bedside table…

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I am a mess.

On little sleep I rely on…

Green juice and green tea.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Less is more.

For glowing skin…

My go-to DIY:

Everything, it seems lately.

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