Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day — mind, body and spirit. A simple, yet special way to bring the best vibes into play is by incorporating healing crystals into your big day. From a sweet pre-ceremony ritual to a gorgeous gift for your bridesmaids, we love these modern ideas from Energy Muse.

When you use crystals in your wedding, the energy of love that is in the air becomes amplified. In mainstream culture, a crystalized wedding might bring to mind Swarovski-covered dresses, but for bohemian brides, crystals are as much guests of the wedding as they are a part of the decor. They set the mood for a night of vowing intentions and spreading love. The gift they give to the happy couple is one of positive energy, raised perspectives and heightened ability to manifest new beginnings — which, if you think about it, is a better gift than that second toaster you didn’t need.

For my wedding, our altar was at the center of a Native American medicine wheel. That’s a grid of crystals laid out in a circular pattern on the ground to maximize the spiritual energy of the day. Of course, at my wedding, I’d go all out with a giant crystal grid, but if your venue is a little less medicine wheel-friendly than mine was, there are also simpler ways for you to incorporate crystals into your wedding.

Line the Aisles

Similar to setting the energy with a crystal altar, you can also set the tone by placing a crystal at the end of each aisle. Not only is it an elegant way to mark the aisle with a colorful adornment, it also elevates and unifies everyone with the same vibration. Connected in the resonance of love, your attendees will feel one with the spirit of celebration.

Crystals For Your Bridesmaids

I always recommend this gesture to brides who are looking to do something special for their bridesmaids. While the day is all about the bride and groom, those who are joining you – and helping to make this occasion all that it is – should know the gratitude you feel at having their presence close. At my wedding, I gifted all my bridesmaids a piece of rose quartz to represent my love and gratitude for each woman in my life.

Rose quartz is a stone of the heart and surrounds you with the energy of love. Before the end of your bachelorette party, do a group intention setting together for your “love goals.” In addition to sharing the goals you wish to accomplish for yourself, express your gratitude for those gathered around you on this special occasion.

Wedding Bath Ritual

A few days before your wedding, pick up some flowers that represent love to you. On the morning of the day before your wedding, ideally when the sun is out, fill your bucket up with water. Hold the flowers over your heart and say:

Healing flowers, please infuse my mind, body and soul with the grace, beauty and magic that resides within the energy of Mother Nature. I ask my guardian angel and love angels to surround me now. Please cleanse me of any fears or wedding jitters that I may be holding onto in my conscious or subconscious mind. Raise my vibration to its highest frequency of love. I am love. Thank you, thank you, thank you and so it is.

Hold your two pieces of rose quartz over your heart and say: I am love. I am surrounded by love. I give and receive love. Take all the petals off the flowers and place them in your bucket of water. Place your crystals in the water as well. Sit quietly and place your hands in the water while tearing the flower petals into little pieces. With each tear of a petal, pray, meditate or set your intentions for your wedding day. At the end, the water, flower petals and crystals will hold the energy of your wishes and dreams. Place your bucket outside in the sun and let the water, petals and crystals soak up its energy for at least four hours. At night, when you’re ready to take your bath, light a candle and fill your tub up with warm water. Pour your floral + crystal water into your wedding bath. Soak for 20 minutes.


“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” is a tried and true wedding tradition. With something blue in mind, this is a chance for you to get creative and bring this saying to life with a little crystal energy. A celestite crystal carries high-vibrational, calming powers to uplift your energy and relieve any nervousness before you make your way down the aisle. Wire it into your wedding bouquet, use a celestite stone to make a hairpiece or sew a stone into your dress.

Crystal Place Settings

Mark each attendee’s place setting with a small crystal that will also be their take-home gift. Atop the card scribed with their name, set a crystal that you have infused with positivity. In turn, it will release that elevated energy back into the environment of your reception.

Crystal Centerpieces

Whether you choose a large size or the petite size, crystal geodes make the perfect centerpieces. They have two halves that fit perfectly together, representing the couple coming together to their new partnership. On an aesthetic level, the tiny crystals that line the geode sparkle and glimmer when they hit the light, resembling diamonds. On an energetic level, the calcite or quartz constantly work to cleanse and clear the energy of your wedding space to increase the flow of positive energy.

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