WE LOVE WHEN artists collab with brands we adore. Dana Veraldi of DEERDANA creates simple, modern illustrations and portraits of everyone from Kanye to Frida Kahlo that we can’t get over (these T-shirts!) and her unique style has landed her collaborations with brands we adore like Reformation, Madewell and Tappan Collective. This summer, DEERDANA is partnering with Pressed Juicery for a range of wellness-inspired items and we just can’t deal.

Watch for Dana’s fruit and veg illustrations inside Pressed Juicery stores everywhere soon and, if you’re in NYC, check out the juice-inspired mural in Brooklyn just around the corner from Pressed‘s location in Williamsburg. Get to know Dana in our studio interview below and find out this creative’s favorite local spots and the soundtrack that keep those studio vibes just quirky enough…


Dana Veraldi

To get the creative juices flowing I…

Spend time looking at books, go on a trip or hangout with my fellow creative friends who always inspire me.

At 10:00 am I am usually:

Walking to my office on Bowery from my apartment in the West Village.

Daily necessity:


My favorite current project is:

I am making some small objects/accessories including a golf towel and keychain.

Latest inspirations:

Georgia O’Keffee’s homes, my teenage interns, and fresh water lakes.

Favorite object in the studio:

A Native American Kachina doll that I got in New Mexico with my mom.

Soundtrack in the studio:

Stevie Wonder, Francis and The Lights, YG, Jeremih, The Beatles & Maxwell.

Most common visitors to the studio:

Nicholas Morgenstern and Paloma Elsesser.

Go-to snacks always on hand:

Almonds, dark chocolate, popcorn.

Favorite spots in the neighborhood:

New Top Jeweler on Centre St, Pressed Juicery on Lafayette St, Relax Foot Spa on Hester St, De Maria for breakfast and Iconic Deli on Bowery for magazines.

When I’m not in the studio, I am here:

My best friend Pookie’s apt, getting coffee from Cafe Integral or in LA.

My art supply obsession:

Palomino Blackwing 602 pencils.

Favorite art gallery in the city:

The Neue Galerie.

Currently reading:

Hold Still by Sally Mann.

I stay balanced by:

Leaving town often to be in nature, going to hot yoga or swimming, cooking with family and friends.

Organizational item I can’t live without:

Pouches from RTH in LA.

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