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Jessie Inchauspé is a French biochemist known as The Glucose Goddess across social media. With 1.7 million followers on Instagram alone, Jessie is proof a a groundswell of interest around daily blood sugar management. Thanks to new wearable tech like Continuous Glucose Monitors, the benefits of daily blood sugar management are not only becoming more apparent, but more manageable.

For years, wellness devotees have sworn by protocols like raw apple cider vinegar before meals or food combining to optimized their digestion and overall health. The scientific studies are there, but there’s nothing as compelling as real-time data — and that’s what Continuous Glucose Monitors have brought to the table.

What really has us hooked are The Glucose Goddess incredible charts, showing exactly how our healthiest behaviors and tiny modifications effect blood sugar in real time.

Why Measuring Daily Blood Sugar Matters: The Insults of Insulin Spikes

According to Inchauspé, blood glucose spikes are directly tied to inflammation, aging, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances (just to name a few), which, in turn, can lead to long-term chronic illness and disease. Did you know that three out of five people die from disease that is linked to chronic inflammation?

The science is simple: when our blood sugar spikes, our mitochondria gets overwhelmed, producing an influx of free radicals and oxidative stress. When these spikes are consistent over the long haul, that’s when we start seeing some serious signs of bodily breakdown—fine lines and wrinkles included.

Here are five times she amazed us with real time data and techniques to keep our blood sugar slow and steady

5 Blood Sugar Tips From The Glucose Goddess That Blew Our Minds

glucose goddess pasta tipsVEGGIES before carbs | Of course we know that including more vegetables in our diets is a net positive, but when it comes to indulging in carbohydrate-heavy food, veggies must come first on your fork. By including a plate of vegetables (think: broccoli, salad, etc.) before you eat simple carbohydrates, you stand a chance of reducing your glucose spike by up to 73%!glucose goddess acv tipsDRINK VINEGAR WATER BEFORE MEALS | By adding a tablespoon of any kind of vinegar (we love  apple cider vinegar!) to a cup of warm or room temp water 15-20 min before eating, you can reduce your glucose spike by up to 30%. When you consume the vinegar either in advance or in your food, the acetic acid in the vinegar prompts your muscles to soak up the glucose faster so your mitochondria can burn more fat. That means no blood sugar crash after eating, less insulin release, and steadier levels over a longer period of time.
glucose goddess protein and fat tipseat CARBS with fats | When you eat carbs on their own, they go straight to your bloodstream, spiking your glucose levels. If you’re in the mood for something starchy—rice, tortillas, cereal, bread, pasta—dress them up with fat, protein, and/or fiber to slow the processing of glucose into the bloodstream.

Never forget: slow and steady wins the glucose race!
glucose goddess walking tipsTAKE A WALK POST-MEAL | Similar to the ACV response, using your muscles for at least 10 minutes after eating (a brisk walk is just fine) helps to significantly reduce glucose response. When you move your body, your muscles use up remaining glucose in your bloodstream, which reduces insulin resistance. This is extra helpful for someone who suffers from PCOS.

HAVE A SAVORY BREAKFAST | Who doesn’t love a donut or croissant for breakfast? Well, your blood sugar is who. Starting your day with a sugar-heavy breakfast can set your glucose levels up for failure for the rest of the day. Instead, opt for a more savory breakfast like an omelet with avocado, a berry smoothie with chia seeds, avocado, and protein, or whole greek yogurt and nut butter. If you want to add a starch or something sweet, opt for complex carbohydrates like steel cut oats or berries.

What Is The Glucose Goddess Method?

In her new book The Glucose Goddess Method: The 4-Week Guide To Cutting Cravings, Getting Your Energy Back, And Feeling Amazing, Jessie distills the charts and learnings she shares daily into a practical guide. Her methodology is akin to our beloved Be Well By Kelly’s Fab Four Philosophy, focusing on a balance of macronutrients like fat, fiber, greens, and protein. Inchauspé proposes that, while the food we eat matters, it is actually the order in which we eat our food that determines whether or not our blood sugar spikes. And she has it down to a science.

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