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You carefully plate a piece of cake, throw a charming garnish on a cocktail, and pour our wine into a sculptural glass — but what about your blood sugar-balancing afternoon snacks and those eight glasses of water a day? A major key to keeping healthful eating enjoyable is to show it as much care as we do life’s little indulgences!

From a (grain-free) cake dome we can’t get over to a bedside water carafe that’ll make you feel like you’ve got your act together, here are eleven chic serving pieces that’ll bring inspiration to your best routines…

11 Chic Serving Pieces To Keep Healthy Eating Beautiful At Home

11 ways to keep healthy eating stylishPut it under glass | Celebrate your wellnessy cooking experiments! I love a glass cake or cheese dome and these versions from LSA look stunning on islands, sideboard, kitchen tables and beyond. Make Srimati’s vegan smoked cheddar and place under this LSA International Lotta Cheese/Pastries Dome (the leather handle!) Try your hand at Sweet Laurel’s grain-free chocolate cake and give it a moment with LSA International Ivalo Dome & Ash Base.chic glasswareCreate a moment | Treat your CBD tonics and other no or low-ABV mocktails as well as you would a classic cocktail. Take time to savor something at 6PM in one of these light-reflecting Ramona Coupe Glasses or LSA International’s classic GI14 Gio Tumblers. We love Ghia and Little Saints!

glass mug cool
French press it | Dabbling with herbs and teas for stress, hormone balance or fertility? Make a ritual out of pressing them in this beautiful Yield Glass French Press. Keep a fun mug or two on hand like HAY’s translucent Borosilicate Mugs. Read more on why we love a moment with herbal tea here: Why You Should Be Making Pitchers Of Herbal Iced Tea Right Now (Pour It In A Wine Glass)best ramen bowlsTake a beat | Even quick and casual meals deserve a moment. Did you know that taking a beat to focus and rest while we eat leads to better digestion and a greater sense of satiation? Our nervous and digestive systems work in sync. Stack up these timeless Lineage Ceramics White Ramen Bowls and pair them with the best quick and protein-rich lunch we’ve tried in a long time: immi ramen!
snack bowlsPortion control | Upgrade your afternoon snack – and keep yourself from mindlessly eating the whole bag with another piece from LSA International.We recently stumbled into this minimalist home brand and now find that they’re stocked at all our favorite shops. The Dine Duo Condiment Set + Oak Base is perfect arranging veggies and dip, a double portion of popcorn, or whatever you find yourself nibbling on lately.

chic water carafe nightstand
bedside water  | Drinking enough water each morning? Remove a step from your AM routine and keep a giant glass — or full-on carafe — of water next to your bed. Keep the Ferm Living Still Carafe or Fferrone Design Boyd Bedside Set filled with water every evening and gulp down a glass in the morning while you’re barely conscious. Both of these carafes have an old Hollywood vibe that will only add to your bedroom’s overall mood.

modern fruit bowl
Keep produce in sight + on hand | Nothing motivates habit as much as keeping your goals out where you can trio on them. Hit the farmer’s market or produce section as regularly as possible and keep fresh produce out where everyone can see it. Yes, you are going to waste a few rotten oranges or nectarines, but overall expect to start craving more! We love the Hawkins New York Essential Footed Bowl and Urban Outfitters Anna Fruit Bowl.

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