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Honest, Pretty and unpaid  — what more could we want from a product review?

We’ve been crushing on Insta obsession, Gelcream, all year – the simple, unsponsored beauty product review account from Yana Sheptovetskaya, former fashion editor at Vogue Russia and part of the team at avant-garde fashion brand A.W.A.K.E.

Yana posted her first review less than two years ago, with the simple intention of documenting her personal obsession with beauty. Since then, her feed of stunning product images and real-life opinions has cultivated an organic following of over 50k, including many of our favorite digital tastemakers.

Here are a few reviews of our favorite clean beauty picks from Gelcream’s feed…

Nuori Perfecting Facial Oil | “The most satisfying thing in this oil is the packaging: it has an unusually wide neck (can I say neck?) and this little detail makes me very excited. I want to keep it in the best spot in my bathroom. Inside — a major blend of oils, I am starting to notice that my skin enjoys oils but only occasionally, so i use this oil once a week in the evening. Also I read this about Nuori: they produce very small batches to insure their product is fresh and all ingredients are still active and products must be used within 6 months from purchase. This made me realize that i need to go through every bottle I own and check the expiration date😬 might be a very sad day for my beauty collection. $69 — 3,5/5. This photograph is part of my collaboration with @needsupply #gelcream_skincare#gelcream_oil #gelcream_nuori” CHECK OUT

Mio Skincare The Mio Body Brush | “Vol. 3 — Transparent Series. Natural dry brush to exfoliate, detoxify and stimulate circulation by Mio @mioskincare, $20 — I only wish I use it more often. #gc_body #gc_mio” CHECK OUT

KLORANE Smoothing and Relaxing Patches | “✨ #gelcream_travel Series Masks on the plane! I know many are confident enough to put a sheet mask on while on the plane and enjoy it. I can’t, i still think it is a very personal procedure that should not be exposed to strangers. I do take sheet masks with me when I travel but this time I was more turned on eye patches and used classic moisturizing masks instead. Pictured above – patches by @kloraneusa, I tried them for the first time. In my head Klorane = hair products, so I was very excited to discover this. I used them almost daily and was very happy with the price+quality+result ratio. Pack of 7 pairs is $24 which I think is ok, and price is what stopped me from buying patches before, most of them I find ridiculously expensive. 💡 I would love to hear about your favorite eye masks, what I should try next? #gelcream_eyes #gelcream_mask#gelcream_travel” CHECK OUT


Rodin Red Hedy Lipstick | “Color Series -> @rodinoliolusso Lipstick, coolest packaging. I just want to own it, I don’t really care if it’s good or not – ever happened to you? Shot for @needsupply. #gelcream_makeup#gelcream_rodin #gelcream_lips” CHECK OUT

Smith & Cult Nail Polish | “@smithandcult — Nail Polish. Wow! Best application ever. And the brush is basic, I guess it’s the formula/consistency. One of few brands that I can actually apply myself and be satisfied (and I am a very bad painter). It also stays for 4-5 days! My friends said I should try this and thank you, friend, you know who you are! The only downside is the price but it’s worth it. $18 – 5/5. #gelcream_nails #gelcream_smithandcult #gctop20” CHECK OUT

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