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AFTER A YEAR of living without professional peels, extractions, and microdermabrasion and living with chronic mascne (Or is it maskne?) many of us are wondering how we can take better care of our skin at home. Is it possible to get that post-facial glow without a visit to a professional?

The answer is yes — but the method of getting there might surprise you. As it turns out, the best way to get aesthetician-quality results from home has more to do with what you do in the kitchen than what you do in front of the bathroom mirror. 

Why? Because the real key to healthy, radiant skin lies with collagen, a type of protein that’s responsible for our skin elasticity, moisture, and texture. 

A Plant-Based Alternative to Collagen 

You’ve probably heard the word “collagen” before, but it was mostly likely in the context of collagen supplements instead of the collagen that already exists in your skin. But collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and your skin is producing it right this very moment. Sometime during our 20’s, our bodies start producing less collagen. It’s that steady decline that can lead to wrinkles and sagging skin.

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You might be wondering why this matters. Well, it’s because supporting your skin’s natural production of collagen is just as important as taking collagen as a supplement. This is especially true for vegans and vegetarians, who have been missing out on the skin health benefits of collagen supplements until now. (Unfortunately, a plant-based collagen supplement is an oxymoron since collagen is made from hydrolyzed proteins that are only found in animal sources.) 

Luckily, there’s a long list of plant-based ingredients that can support your body’s own natural production of collagen, which means everyone can take advantage of collagen’s benefits, whether they’re opting for a traditional collagen supplement or not. 

So what are these ingredients? And how do you get them? Our new favorite way is with Further Foods’ Vegan Beauty Collagen Booster — the best way to maximize your body’s natural collagen production for radiant, glowing skin. 

How to Get That Post-Facial Glow At Home

Further Food’s Vegan Beauty Collagen Booster features six premium plant-based, real food ingredients that have been shown in scientific studies.to help with your body’s natural production of collagen Ingredients like: 

Aloe vera: Aloe vera has been shown to boost collagen production and improve skin elasticity. Known for its soothing properties, aloe vera can also increase the absorption of vitamin E and vitamin C.

Acerola berry: The highest real food source of vitamin C, which boosts collagen production, Acerola berry has been studied for its anti-aging benefits and even its ability to fight dark spots and discoloration.

Tremella mushrooms
: Known as the “ultimate beauty mushroom,” tremella mushrooms may act similarly to hyaluronic acid, pulling moisture into the skin and keeping it plump and hydrated and encouraging collagen health and production. 

Plant-based pea protein: One of our favorite vegan protein sources, pea protein is easy to digest and provides key amino acids for hair, skin and nails.

MCT oil: Coconut-derived MCT oil is a trending superfood for a good reason. MCT provides deep hydration for skin and hair while supporting the production of your body’s ketones to help burn fat and produce optimal energy levels.

Cacao powder: As if we need much motivation to eat more chocolate, cacao is chock-full of minerals and antioxidants that protect skin from aging. 

Even if you take collagen regularly, adding Vegan Beauty to your routine will enhance the uptake and absorption of collagen peptides for maximum benefits.

How to use Further Food’s Vegan Beauty Collagen Booster

With a rich dark chocolate taste, Vegan Beauty will become the most delicious part of your daily beauty routine. We love it in oatmeal, smoothies, and chia pudding for a skin-loving breakfast that tastes like dessert. If you’re really looking for something decadent, try Vegan Beauty  in this almond fudge. If you’re looking to keep your mornings as simple as can be, simply add 1 to 2 scoops of the booster to hot water or plant-based milk to make a beauty-boosting hot cocoa that’s quick and delicious.

Vegan Beauty  and all of Further Food’s products (we’re obsessed with their Superfood Matcha and Elderberry Soothing Syrup!) are made in the US and free from processed gluten, sugar, soy and dairy. If you’re looking for simple, affordable clean wellness staples, Further Food is a good brand to know.

If you’re been missing out on the benefits of collagen, Further Food’s Vegan Beauty Collagen Booster is your chance to support your collagen production in just a couple of delicious scoops a day.

While we continue to dream about a long, luxurious facial (Swoon!), we’ll be leaning on Further Food’s vegan collagen booster to optimize our skin health from the inside-out. 

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