There are years in all of our lives that are far more about friends than lovers. In those years, whether you’re single or just really crushing it in life with a close colleague or friend, we think Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate them and creates adventures with the people we treasure most.

We’re joining bloggers and creatives, Jess Hannah and Taylr Anne for a friend date in one of our favorite areas of the city, Downtown LA. From the Arts District to the the Fashion District (this Pressed Juicery location in the Cooper Building is everything,) DTLA is where it’s at and we find ourselves hitting up this trending area more often than ever before. Flip through Jess and Taylr’s photos to get inspired and share the story with a friend. Plan a friend date, a coffee or juice-fueled gabfest or, heck, road trip to celebrate the friends you’re most grateful for this year!

The Chalkboard Mag: How’d you two friends meet?

Taylr Anne: Through Instagram actually!

Jess Hannah: Instagram has proven to be a great way to make friends! You find an instant connection when you share a similar aesthetic with someone.

TCM: Fave pasttime together:

Ta: Checking out all the cool coffee shops in LA, shooting photos and getting creative.

JH: What she said.

TCM: You favorite thing about her:

JH: Her beauty inside and out and her creative eye.

Ta: Her down-to-earth, genuine personality. I am also inspired by her creative and business-savvy brain power.

TCM: Fave thing about her style:

JH: We share a pretty similar style, so it’s fun to see what she’s wearing. We are both drawn to menswear-inspired pieces and lots of black, white and grey.

Ta: Word.

TCM: Top spots to hit up together in 2015:

JH & Ta: LA showrooms and restaurants we’ve yet to explore. We both love shooting photos, so I’m sure we will find some rad places. Stay tuned.

TCM: Favorite juice flavor:

Ta: I love green juices, and anything with almond milk.

JH: Vanilla Almond and Greens 3, gotta love that kick of ginger.

TCM: Favorite DTLA coffee shop:

Ta: Loving Ledlow in downtown LA. It’s so hard to pick a favorite because they are all so wonderful in their own way.

JH: Ledlow, for sure, and Verve just opened up two block away from my loft; it’s amazing.

TCM: Thing you like to do for friends on Valentines Day:

JH: Love notes. Tell your bestie that you love her. My best friend snail mailed me a homemade Valentine last year and it was so sweet and unexpected.

Ta: I love meeting friends for breakfast and giving them fresh flowers from the market.

TCM: Quote you love on friendship:

Ta: “As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have lots of friends, and more important to have real ones.”

Jh: “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.”

TCM: Complete this sentence: A friend should never…

TA & JH: Belittle you in front of others.

TCM: Complete this sentence: A friend should always…

JH & TA: Inspire you.

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