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We’re adding the darnedest things to our coffee lately, including, but not limited to nut milks, raw cacao, tonic herbs and probiotics (watch our Instagram Stories for more). This fall, as the temperatures start to drop, we’re relying more and more on adaptogenic mushrooms like reishi and chaga for a boost in immunity like no other.

We’re looking back on our interview with mushroom master, Four Sigmatic’s Tero Isokauppila to share his own personal morning pick-me-up. Tero relies on chaga specifically to keep his immunity strong as he travels – make note for all those holiday flights. Try his simple, immune boosting, hormone-leveling tonic – the espresso shot is optional!

Even better, if you’re not in a DIY kind of mood, Pressed Juicery is serving warm reishi lattes at just one of their NYC locations on 100 Maiden Lane to kick off the cold weather right. Find our more here.

Mushroom Tonic


1 Tbsp unpasteurized butter
1 packet wildcrafted chaga
1/2 tsp mucuna
1/2 tsp maca
Shot of espresso (optional)


Blend well into a cup of hot water. Enjoy!

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