FIVE GIRLS RAW: So now you are concerned with my health?

I was sitting on the couch pondering over some reactions I’ve had to being on a raw vegan diet. Some of my family and friends have been truly supportive of my decision to eat this way and others, not so much. I was really surprised at some of the skepticism I received over the raw vegan lifestyle. Things like:

“Ya know, when you juice you loose all the fiber. What are you going to do about fiber?”
“How are you going to get your protein from nuts and seeds?”
“I hope you’re not starving yourself on this diet just to loose weight”

Although these are very valid statements… I wonder, I just wonder why no one cared to ask these questions when I was eating hamburgers and French fries… I mean it’s protein, but no fiber and not to mention it’s going to clog my arteries and send me to an early grave

So to answer the questions:
In addition to drinking wonderfully delicious green juice I eat green leafy vegetables that give me enough fiber for my body. I also eat more sprouted nuts and seeds than I can possibly imagine. I am not now nor will I ever starve myself.

So ladies and gents if your family and friends are giving you a hard time about the lack of nutrients you’re receiving eating a raw or vegan diet instead of the standard American diet… Ask them, “why now?” Why all of a sudden is my nutrition soooo important?

Thanks alot.


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