FIVE GIRLS RAW: All’s well that ends…

Tonight we will have our first non-raw meal in 62 days. It’s been a long time coming, but I am so grateful for it to be over. Not just because I want to eat fatty, sugary, meaty foods again, but because I just want the right to choose without feeling like I’ve let my Rawmates down. I really want pizza but instead I’ll have some salmon and grilled vegetables.

I look forward to not being caged in to dietary restrictions at amusement parks and parties. I look forward to savoring melted cheese. I look forward to enjoying a warmly toasted bagel with butter, crispy on the outside but soft and steamy on the inside. I’m pretty sure I will stay really high raw (this means I’ll eat mostly raw), but when I’m hanging with the gang I will not be the weirdo at the table who is every waiters worst nightmare.

SIDE NOTE: Guess what peeps??? Christina and I are going to the Dominican Republic for two weeks. (Groupon Getaways are your friends.) I can’t wait for that. I only have 2 weeks of work left so I’m going to take the vacation I should have taken when I graduated.

Freedom is just around the corner and I welcome it. I welcome uncertainty, I welcome adventure, and I welcome delicious food and lots of dancing.

Here’s to living life OUT LOUD




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