How To Manifest An Authentic + Fulfilling Career Path

Don’t be afraid to start over — or even start at all. Building the life you want — one that radiates with authenticity and purpose — is rarely ever a straight shot. Finding a fulfilling career path requires a bit of bravery, a little passion, and a whole lot of trial and error.

Kirsten Potenza is CEO and Founder of POUND, a unique cardio rock workout with a cult following. Potenza founded POUND at the age of 24, but had to figure a few things out on the way…

Finding an authentic career path can be one of the most rewarding and challenging adventures of our lives. When we are little, we have dreams that don’t necessarily take into account our specific skills or education. As hopeful young dreamers, we don’t think about the salary attached to the job title we want or what we’ll be uniquely good at. When we start to try out real careers, we may find that they aren’t what we imagined, and it may take some time for the right path to emerge and stick.

How To Manifest An Authentic + Fulfilling Career

It’s important to weigh what’s important, what fills you up and what ignites a passion in you — then guide your career path by those standards. It’s also important to understand that sometimes the right fit, like any right fit, takes time, patience and exploration. For me, POUND allowed me to exercise my passion for food, fashion, fitness, entrepreneurism and connecting people — it all finally made sense. Here are a few tips on getting everything you want and need in an authentic career…

Try different jobs to discover your strengths | In my early 20s I had what I personally dubbed Career ADD. I think I probably gave my mom a few heart attacks as I jumped around from one industry to another, leaving when I knew my heart hadn’t found the right place. This feeling of uneasiness can either scare you or excite you. Let it excite you. You don’t always have to stay in one lane and you will never know if another industry lights you up until you try it.

Don’t be afraid to start over | I met a 65-year-old man at a cocktail party and he gave me some of the best advice I have ever received. After asking him what he did for a living, he responded by saying, I am an interior designer, but I have also been a firefighter, a restaurant owner, a stay-at-home dad and a VP of marketing. My only response was, how? He then answered, I’ve never been afraid to start over. People get comfortable, they allow their careers to own their identity and they become fearful of change. I’ve just never been fearful of immense and exciting change and the opportunity to grow. His words will stick with me forever.

Create vision boards + goals | Words become feelings and feelings become things. Have you ever muttered the words, I wish my job could look like x, y and z but I know I can’t have my cake and eat it too? A lot of us have. So it’s important to put in the vision work. Write down exactly what you want. Read it every day and I promise you, that dream job will manifest itself for you.

Sometimes you have to NOT believe | When you start something new or decide to make a big decision that will lead you in the direction of your dreams, it is quite possible that the people around you will tell you you’re crazy. And someone else might too — you. It’s very easy, it’s human nature actually, to believe paradigms. But try to stay in tune with your mind and recognize the moments that are lead by fear and misunderstanding. Don’t believe the negativity, only the positivity that will propel you forward.

Write a Purpose Statement | A purpose statement is a declaration of your life’s purpose. To know what drives you and why you wake up in the morning is to know what will make you happy in an authentic career path. Take some time to explore (and write down) your goals, what truly lights you up and motivates you.

If you follow your heart, check in with yourself regularly and allow yourself to remain open about the infinite possibilities ahead of you, your most authentic career path will manifest itself. Just remember to be patient, remain open to new opportunities even if they scare you and believe fully that you can and will create the career of your dreams.

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