Amy Schumer is exploring a few very familiar mind-body themes in her new film, ‘I Feel Pretty’ and it turns out women have a lot to say about it.

In the new flick, Amy plays a relatable woman with a slew of physical insecurities we found all too familiar. After a life-altering tumble off of a SoulCycle bike (you heard correctly), she suddenly wakes without a self-critical bone in her body. While her appearance hasn’t changed, her perception of self has, leading her to feel exponentially more capable, beautiful and confident. The jokes roll from there.

Previews of the film have received a lot of attention by women, some of whom criticized Amy’s approach to the topic for a variety of reasons, including the notion that Amy’s character is already beautiful as she is and shouldn’t be experiencing insecurities. From our point of view – in her own hilariously provocative way – that’s exactly the point Schumer is making. What would happen if we lived with the confidence and freedom we think we’d muster up once our external appearance matched our imagined goals?

We’ve loved watching the conversation around this film evolve, including Amy’s ongoing responses in the press.

The most important aspect of our culture’s recent conversations on female body image is how women perceive their own bodies. We don’t know a way around the topic that doesn’t require a little cathartic humor and a whole lot of honesty. And we love what Schumer’s bringing to the table.

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