The 7 Simplest Things You Can Do For Earth Day

Earth Day is not about politics, it’s not about our opinion on global warming, or even our preference for or aversion to caftans and other fashionably bohemian looks. To us, Earth Day is – a celebration, yes – but also a keen opportunity to take stock of our own daily habits and their impact on the planet.

This year, instead of impressing you with next level ideas and a chic composter (okay, here’s one), we thought we’d bring you a few practical reminders of very basic steps we should all be taking to reduce waste and our toxic load. Check out the list, ask yourself if you’ve skipped any of the basics, and make an effort to make the shift!

are you really recycling? | Recycling for Earth Day? Groundbreaking, we know – but how are you really doing on this point? If you’ve not yet invested the space in your kitchen for a designated recycling bin, make it happen this month. If you’re confused on any recyclable materials, read this for a little refresher.

Move away from fast fashion | This has got to be the toughest challenge facing most fashion-loving women. No matter your clothing budget, many of us sneak in a ‘throw away’ dress for a night out or cheap extra swimwear for a weekend away. Fast fashion has been rated by some as the second worst industry for the environment, right behind big oil and it’s track record on a human rights level isn’t so hot either. Take baby steps away from your fast fashion ways and invest in natural pieces that’ll last. Check out all our tips on the topic.

cut down on water bottles | We adore the Berkey water filters and they come in every size. Keep a stock of glassware nearby, including bottles with stoppers to take on the go. Keep a few bottles in the fridge for easy access. Invest in a cute reusable bottle like one of these to re-enforce the habit of sipping sustainably (and often).

shop smarter furniture | Most of our healthy living at home coverage has to do with the health of you, not the planet. But it doesn’t take long to figure out that the two values are closely linked. Shop paints and furnishings that don’t off-gas chemicals into your family’s lungs. These materials and the manufacturing processes by which they’re made are also usually better for the environment! Learn more: Rugs | Mattresses

Stock up on reusables in the kitchen | …and anywhere else in life you can get away with it! Reduce waste in your daily kitchen routine: swap out paper towels, plastic wrap, plastic containers and other disposables for linen cloths, glass containers, beautiful ceramicsand these cool beeswax liners for produce.

Switch to green cleaning + personal care products | Reduce the amount of chemicals you’re adding to the water supply by swapping to non-toxic cleaners where possible. Still not convinced that non-toxic beauty and personal care is necessary? Read this, this and maybe this too.

Try our 7-day eco-challenges to clean up your self care routine, your closet, your kitchen and your daily home life.

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