Once worlds apart, wellness and fashion have veered onto a shared path, and for style-minded health enthusiasts it doesn’t get much better. From supplements so chic they’ve earned prime counter real estate, to top runway makeup gurus going green, wellness is officially out of fashion’s friend-zone — and the pair has a very promising future.

This season we’re celebrating the convergence of serious health and great style with the launch of Pressed Juicery’s Vogue Lemonades. In celebration of Vogue’s 125th anniversary, Pressed Juicery has partnered with the iconic mag to create two beautifying lemonades for the fashion and beauty obsessed. The only thing we love more than these vibrant colors are the skin-loving ingredients packed in each bottle.

We’re fixated on these beautifying bevs and it got us thinking about other fashiony health collabs, including all of the below…

Our 5 Favorite Fashion x Wellness Collabs

pressd juicery vogue

PJ x Vogue Lemonades | It girls from NYC to LA are clearing Pressed Juicery’s shelves of these naturally neon lemonades in celebration of Vogue’s 125th anniversary. The stunning colors are an ideal addition to a fashionable #OOTD, but the real stars here are the skin-loving ingredients guaranteed to get us glowing. CHECK OUT

Tory Burch Fit Bit | Fitness trackers have gone from ugly to slightly-less-ugly over the past few years, but one style-defying standout has a major fashion name behind it. Tory Burch’s collab with Fitbit resulted in a fitness accessory cute enough to flaunt as a style accessory too. CHECK OUT

Elle Macpherson’s The Super Elixir | As an international supermodel and former TCM Guest Editor, it’s safe to bet that Elle Macpherson has got the natural beauty thing down to a science (or at least a tried-and-true routine). Okay, so her ultra luxe green powder isn’t a collab per se, but we had to include this green dust on our fashionable list with its stunning packaging and 40+ superfood ingredient list. CHECK OUT

Adidas By Stella McCartney Gym Backpack | Duffles are out, backpacks are everything. Stella McCartney’s partnership with Adidas is an OG example of fashion and wellness coming together. The shoes are always killer, the concepts are always rich and this gym bag from the current colllection is a perfect example of the brand’s functional chic. CHECK OUT

Milk Bar x Karly Kloss’ Klossies | We did a double take when supermodel Karlie Kloss partnered with NYC’s famous Milk Bar for a cookie collab — but the cookies are dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. This collab is still going strong and the cute little tins don’t disrupt our pantry’s visual vibe. LEARN MORE

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