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Transitioning into a new year isn’t just about bringing that cute camel coat out of storage (or buying a pink one), it’s also about taking an opportunity to re-evaluate and refresh — and we’ve got all the resources you need to make it happen. From simple tips by the ultimate inspiration, Marie Kondo, to a seven day eco-closet challenge for the ambitious ones among us, we’re sharing a few amazing resources to help you get your space and style squared away for fall…

revisit The kondo method:
Do you still find yourself questioning whether something ‘sparks joy’? Marie Kondo made a lasting impression on so many of us and her advice truly is timeless. Our interview with Marie is the perfect pep talk for taking on a closet cleanse. Kondo reminded us that less can be so much more. Letting go doesn’t equate to loss – it simply helps make space for better things to exist! Reorienting yourself to her crusade against clutter will get you motivated to take this project on!  LEARN MORE

Host A Clothing Swap (on zoom?):
Timing is key here — you’ll have to decide when an in-person gathering is appropriate. Hosting a clothing swap with friends — even if it starts on Zoom! — can turn a necessary closet slim-down into a fun, social event that might land you a few new garbs to boot – all without spending a dime! Letting go of once-loved garments can be hard, even if we haven’t worn the piece in forever (we’re just sentimental like that). Instead of tossing or donating (or hoarding), give it a home where you know it’ll have a better life. LEARN MORE

Watch + learn:
Grab a snack and pre-game your closet cleanse with The True Cost, the fashion world’s answer to the popular food documentaries we’re seen over the past few years. It is an exposé about the inner workings of the industry, our consumer habits and “the true cost” of a piece of clothing by the time it ends up in our closets. Watch it, absorb it, and plan to make better buys post-cleanse! LEARN MORE

Take Our Eco-Challenge:
This year, we celebrated Earth Day with an entire month of eco-centric lifestyle challenges, including a week dedicated to detoxing and re-booting our closet space. Eco-lifestyle expert, Ashley Piper, lead us in finding a-way-a-day to tend to our personal environment while still keeping in mind the impact we have on our shared environment. Try one, two or all seven for a total transformation you can be proud of. LEARN MORE

buy “Fewer, Better Things”:
Shopping mindfully isn’t always an easy task and the choice to buy “sustainable fashion” can sometimes feel like a contradiction in terms. Brands like Cuyana solve all our shopping conundrums with one sweeping motion of their Scottish wool cashmere capes. If you’ve never heard of Cuyana, get ready to fall in love. We’re head over heels for just about everything in this brand’s collection of high-quality, artisan-made (and totally affordable) pieces, each designed to give you a flawless fall wardrobe of “fewer, better things.” LEARN MORE

Next, The Nest:
Our wardrobes aren’t the only space that could use some sprucing up. We spend more time in our bedrooms than anywhere else; it should be a safe haven that quiets our minds and allows us feel our best. From sheets to paint shades, take a few bedroom detox tips from us, and finally experience what it means to have truly restful sleep. LEARN MORE

Bonus Points For Beauty:
Your closet looks gorg, your bedroom’s refreshed; it’s time to tackle that makeup drawer. We are the guiltiest of hoarding a few too many natural beauty and self-care goodies, but this guide from green beauty blogger, Annie Atkinson, is an inspiring resource to start stripping down and refining our collection to only have what we need and nothing more. LEARN MORE

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