12 Questions For Cycle House LA

We always want to know more about getting in shape and feeling fit, so we asked Lara Gillman and Nichelle Hines of CycleHouse to answer 12 of our top questions. From the benefits of spinning to the best workout gear to the tunes they’ll be listening to in the next sold-out class, we’ve got all the answers from these spinning pros.

The Chalkboard Mag: What inspired the creation of Cycle House ?
Cycle House: I was an avid spinner, because I was looking for a great workout that I could enjoy and that would keep me motivated throughout the entire class. In spinning, my husband Adam and I both saw the potential of a successful business, if done correctly. I also have other passions, such as feeding the hungry, which is why we incorporated the “Take One, Give Two” aspect of Cycle House — for every class you take, the equivalent of two meals are donated to Feeding America. We also ensure that each class is totally different to keep the body guessing, with interval-style training for maximum results.

TCM: Who is the ideal cycler?
CH: Anyone and everyone. Triathletes and beginners, we get people of all skill levels and ages, which is great because they all become instantly hooked and we love converts!

TCM: Why cycling?
CH: Cycling is an excellent way to get in a hardcore workout. It is never boring if taught correctly. It’s also a great and healthy way to hit every area of the body, while putting little pressure on your joints, and the time flies.

TCM: What should you eat before or after spinning?
CH: I always recommend a small meal designed to energize the body and provide enough fuel to get you through the workout. This can be anything from a piece of string cheese and an apple, half a turkey sandwich, or a side salad with a little protein of your choice.

TCM: Are there any key secrets to being a great spinner?
CH: Form…and really listening to your instructor. A good instructor should be able to articulate what you should be feeling at every instance in the workout, what it should look like, and guide you in terms of tempo and motivation.

TCM: What are your top tips for people who want to improve their spin, or who want to start spinning for the first time?
CH: Be kind to yourself and understand that indoor cycling is a practice, and you will always continue to learn and do better. Remember, it is a process. It can take a little time to get it, but once you do, it can be one of the most fun and challenging activities you do.

TCM: Favorite water?
CH: Our alkaline water, which hydrates you six times faster than regular water. We provide it free of charge.

TCM: Favorite healthy restaurant?
CH: Fresh Corn Grill.

TCM: Favorite way to wind down?
CH: A hot bath followed by a massage, a good book, and eight hours of sleep, when I can fit it all in.

TCM: Spinning – morning or night?
CH: Both!

TCM: Favorite workout gear?
CH: Lululemon. Nothing fits better or is more breathable and workout friendly. It never falls apart, and never holds in odor. Also, it’s super cute, which is always a plus to make you feel good when you sweat.

TCM: What are some of your favorite songs to play during classes?
CH: Got 2 Luv U by Sean Paul (feat. Alexis Jordan), Drop it Low by Kat DeLuna, LoveGame by Lady GaGa (Chew Fu Ghettohouse Fix) feat. Marilyn Manson, Me and My Girlfriend by Jay-Z (feat. Beyonce), Cobrastyle by Robyn, In the Dark by Dev (Feat. Flo Rida), Pumped up Kicks by Foster the People, Take Care by Drake (feat. Rihanna), Play the Guitar by B.O.B (feat. Andre 3000), Paralyzer by Finger Eleven, Never Let Me Go by Florence  + Machine, We Found Love by Rihanna. And my favorite cool down song is Lost by Anouk.

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