Want to lower the risk of family quabbles and up your centerpiece game at the same time? We love this unique and specific look at making a gratitude-inducing crystal grid from Heather Askinose of Energy Muse to add a meaningful burst of energy to any table you set this season…

Thanksgiving is the time of year that we are reminded to be in a state of gratitude. It’s a time to show gratitude to the people in our life, count our blessings and reflect back on how we have been supported throughout the year. But what happens when a dark cloud crosses over your mind and you feel overwhelmed by the demands of the holiday season? On one hand, you’re excited to spend time with friends and family, but in the back of your mind, you see memories of peaceful conversations around the holiday table taking a tension-filled turn. Will old strained relationships or last year’s arguments resurface? If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, are you having nightmares of everything not being picture perfect, as you envisioned?

Guess what? This year, I have a secret for you: harness the calming Earth energy of crystals, making them part of your Thanksgiving centerpiece to keep the good vibes and gratitude flowing. Crystals love to be the center of attention, right where all the action is. They are able to connect with every person at the table, encouraging everyone to raise their spirits and vibrate higher. You know a crystal is happy when you look at it and it’s sparkling. When they’re put in a place of prominence at the center of the table, it’s as if the crystals are bringing their “best vibes yet,” benefiting the entire table of guests.

Place a crystal grid in the center of your Thanksgiving table this year to emit harmony, peace and tranquility in your home and to everyone sitting around your table.

Time is precious — it’s our most valuable commodity. This Thanksgiving, take the time to love, embrace and cherish everyone in your life, even the people who have been difficult this year. Why would you do that? You do it because those are the people who gave you an opportunity to grow. The more grateful we are for everything in our lives, the more we all have to celebrate. The earth is here to support you. Work with her this season and feel her nurturing energy around your Thanksgiving table. Blessings…

Mantras of the Thanksgiving season:

I am grateful. I have an attitude of gratitude.
I reconnect to the energy of Mother Earth and reconnect to myself.
I am loveable.
I am calm.
I am empowered to create the life of my dreams.

The day before Thanksgiving

Cleanse your crystals: Place all your crystals out in the sun for at least four hours to cleanse them. If you’re unable to place them in the sun, you may also immerse them in the smoke of burning sage, palo santo wood, frankincense or copal.

Program your crystals: Crystals attract, magnify and direct energy, but the secret is, you need to direct your crystal! When you program a crystal with your intention, that’s where the magic happens. You’re giving your crystal a purpose and the possibilities are endless from there.

Hold your crystals in your hands (or place them all in one area if there are too many to hold), close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Ask that the highest vibration of love and light clear all unwanted energy or any previous programming. Repeat out loud three times: “I program this crystal to hold the intention of gratitude, harmony and peace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The crystals will hold the energy and space for your intention. If at some point during the day, you need a breather, just take a look at your crystals on the table and they will give you a gentle reminder of your intentions for your Thanksgiving this year.

How To create your Thanksgiving Gratitude crystal grid

Sage the room: Cleanse the room where your Thanksgiving table will reside by burning sage. This rids your space of any negative, unwanted or lingering energies so that your space is clear and clean for all your loved ones.

Place a slab of petrified wood in the center of the table: This will work as your base and foundation of the grid. Petrified wood helps to transforms situations. It emits a stable, safe and secure energy, evoking a calming, grounded ambiance.

Add shungite: On top of the petrified wood slab, place four shungite stones in the outermost corners. Shungite has been touted as the miracle molecule of the 21st century and is excellent to work with when you want to neutralize an environment.

Add jasper: Place two red and two yellow pieces of jasper in the four directions, alternating the colors. This is symbolic of receiving support from the four directions (north, south, east and west) and knowing spirit has your back.

Complete your grid:  Place a programmed quartz crystal in the center of the grid, which holds your intention for the entire grid such as love, gratitude, harmonious communication and blessings.

Add selenite under the table: Place a selenite crystal under the center of the table, on the ground, to fill the room with white light and dissolve any tension or blocked energy.

Ground the room: Place four shungite cubes in the four corners of the room with your table and grid to ground the room and create an energetic vortex of stability.

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