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Not all is as it seems on Instagram. We can’t tell you how many times we hear this from successful brand owners and bloggers, whether around the table at influencer dinners or over cocktails at product launches. The business of blogging is thoroughly legit at this point and we love to chat with bloggers we love about how they manage their digital and off the grid lives.

We recently sat down to chat with one of our fave wellness bloggers, whose whole food (and outrageously delicious) recipes can be found all over TCM: Here’s what registered dietitian nutritionist, McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped has to say about publishing her first cookbook, avoiding burnout and the brands inspiring her now…

My brand in 3 words:

Nutrition. Simple. Actionable.

Success is made from…

Contribution to and betterment of a community; compassion, happiness, and integrity in your work; patience and balance. You’ve heard it a million times but, truly, success never happens overnight. What people see as successful most likely took (in my case) years of hard work.

What I learned writing my first book:

To delegate non-essential tasks. Yes, I can do everything myself (i.e., I can always learn how to do something) and at some points had to, but the question I ask myself nowadays is, ‘Do I need to?’ Is this an essential task only I can do or can someone else on my team do it bette? That’s the golden nugget for balance, sharing your gifts and passions and using your intensity wisely.

3 things to do right now:

Create a daily gratitude meditation/morning routine. Anything that keeps you grounded spiritually and in your work. But don’t forget to have fun, play, laugh and do things that bring utter joy to your life like spending time with your love, hobbies, friends or family. Also, be sure yo move your bod, sleep, and eat well – as much as I preach this I also have to remind myself of these essentials when life and work get busy.

3 resources to should know about:

The Power of Now for those fellow creative types and type A’s who need reminders to stay in the present moment and that everything is all good.

Essentialism is my go-to book and I’ve read it twice within the past six months; it’s a great book teaching you how to pick/do only essential tasks to you, versus delegating. A ‘resource’ is Tony Robbins – I love his motivational talks and his speaking capabilities. Overall he’s built an incredible empire that has heart and soul behind it.

3 people inspiring you now:

Emily Weiss of ITG and Glossier, Taryn Toomey of The Class, and Jason Wachob of Mind Body Green.

2 staples to own now:

An infrared sauna. Okay, I get that this is a complete splurge but it’s helped my physical body relax and recover so much better from workouts and has improved sleep and it’s a great way to relax. Also, a high-speed blender to make nutrient dense and easy to digest recipes like smoothies from the blog. I literally have hundreds from the #NScookbook. With winter coming up, it’s an amazing tool for quick soups too.

The loveliest truth about success:

As my business grows and as I get older, I come to appreciate and not take for granted the simple things in life like spending extra time with loved ones, traveling, exploring, learning a new craft and finding joy in things outside of work. For me, that’s the loveliest truth about success. Logistically, I’m really grateful that if I need to, I can turn work off, take vacations, set my own schedule — but that’s also a downside when you love something you do so much that it’s hard to strike a balance between work-mode and personal life.

The hardest truth about success:

It’s never as easy as it looks on social media or to the public. There is literal blood, sweat, tears, sacrifices, compromises that you make every day; but the reward of helping other people, loving what I do, and knowing I’m making some kind of impact is something that makes up for all the hardships and challenges.

3 qualities you admire in team members:

In growing team NS, I have people who are equally passionate and driven; self-starters and also complement my work style and skill set well. Integrity, respect, compassion and willingness to learn go a long way in any role!

Favorite current project:

It’s a secret for now, but it’s launching January 2017 and it’s going to be huge (and super fun!). One thing I can tell you about now is I’m launching a podcast very soon, so stay tuned and sign up for the NS Newsletter to be the first to know.

Advice you wish you could've given yourself:

I won’t say I regret anything because I’m truly grateful for every hardship and great opportunity presented on my path; but I’d tell myself to ‘chill out.’ With the quick growth of Nutrition Stripped in less than four years, I was working 60+ hours a week and multiple jobs before taking NS full time, as it is today. I experienced burnout pretty quickly in year two from not putting my own principles into place with balance but I’m grateful for this experience. People don’t see the other side of what goes into creating a business. It’s not all motivational quotes on Instagram (ha!) and I’m grateful this is becoming a hot topic in the industry.

Best advice you ever received:

‘Don’t be so hard on yourself and just do it.’ This speaks directly to my fellow highly driven ladies. Sometimes you just need to stop overthinking and act.

Current mantra:

‘I am all that I am.’ I like to end meditation on that note or call it out when I’m feeling pulled in a million directions. It’s a grounded reminder that all I need/want/have is here already!

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