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“I’m only one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” Who can forget Emily Blunt’s very un-wellnessy line in The Devil Wears Prada? Unlike her on-screen character, actress Emily Blunt’s red-carpet prep is as healthy and balanced as can be.

Celebrity esthetician, Biba de Sousa shared her skin prep routine for the Mary Poppins Returns star for last weekend’s Critics` Choice Awards. We found the series of holistic skin treatments to be pretty impressive! 

Biba embraces a natural array of modalities from microcurrent to the ancient art of gua sha. We’re huge fans of these skincare treatments already and are even more impressed to learn that they’re being used by a A-list celebs pre-awards show.

Here are the five holistic skincare treatments Biba used with Emily Blunt before the red carpet. If you’ve never tried these trending skincare methods, we recommend giving all five a shot – each one provides impressive results right away…

FASCIA RELEASE | This is a manual technique used for relaxation of the facial features. Chronic tension in the face can cause blockages in the lymphatic system. This can lead to breakouts and uneven tone. Like working out the kinks in our body’s facia with foam rolling, giving yourself a regular jaw massage or practicing face yoga can help ease the effects of tension.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE | We have tons of lymph nodes around our neck and face. Detoxifying this area helps instantly makes skin brighter, smoother, and less puffy by bringing fresh blood to stagnant tissue fluids. Giving yourself a gentle massage with oils helps flush fluid from this area. Apply the technique to your whole body for extra credit.

GUA SHA facial | This Eastern facial sculpting technique smooths facial expressions and contours the face. Learn all about it — and how to give yourself a gua sha facial at home — with this comprehensive guide.

MICROCURRENT | Microcurrent works like a miracle to lift and tone facial and neck muscles. The treatment has become increasingly popular as more and more women experience the therapy’s undeniable ability to smooth, shape and rejuvenate the face and body. The non-invasive, age-erasing treatment requires no recovery time and provides results (instantly, for many) that rival some of the top plastic surgery treatments available. Sound too good to be true? Learn more about it from a favorite local pro here and here.

LIGHT THERAPY | This relaxing, rejuvenating and stimulating modality can help stimulate collagen production and tone down redness. Discover the full range of benefits here.

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