It feels like we’re never not plugged-in these days. Even amidst a mindful digital detox, we’re constantly surrounded by technology — and invisible energetic emissions called EMFs, which can have a negative impact on our health over time. We don’t expect you to run off to the prairie and live a totally tech-free life, but it’s important to know about EMF protection and to integrate healthier habits into our day-to-day to balance the effects of exposure.

Mariah Lyons, founder of Astara Collective, is shedding some light on this critical modern topic. Astara Collective’s gorgeous luxury sandals are infused with the power of healing crystals, including ones that help block EMF exposure — learn about her fashionable approach to wellness here. Here are the essentials of managing EMF protection in our modern tech-driven world…

Today the world is more digitally connected than ever before. Our devices and apps that keep us productive and connected are increasingly more accessible on a global scale. The result? Humanity is becoming more dependent and addicted to technology. Although our reliance is, quite frankly, veering into the realm of co-dependency and addiction, modern technological advancements have greatly enhanced our culture in a multitude of ways.

But what are the costs to our environment and health? Smartphones, Wi-Fi and all electrical devices emit electrical frequencies that have an impact on the environment, our bodies and overall well-being. Although we cannot visibly see these frequencies, they are in all urban environments. Areas of high EMF concentration are often referred to as containing electro-pollution or electro-smog. Knowing this, integrating practices to mitigate the effects are a necessity to navigating our modern world.

I created my company, Astara, with this in mind. Being electrosensitive, I needed to seamlessly integrate earthing technology into my daily life in order to stay healthy. The technology we work within our grounding shoes helps the body maintain a natural balanced state, helping navigate modern life and avoiding the feeling of frayed nerves that come with exposure to digital devices, Wi-Fi, 5G and most man-made frequencies.

What Are EMFs?EMF stands for electromagnetic fields, and is the measurable yet invisible field produced from electrically charged objects. It is energy moving through space in specific electromagnetic waves, such as light waves or radio waves. The wavelength is measured by the distance between each of the peaks of the wave. These fields are then organized and grouped on the electromagnetic spectrum based off wavelength and the specific frequency they produce. The wavelength and frequency then determine the power of the radiation. For example, light waves and x-ray waves move at a very fast frequency with shorter wavelengths, while radio waves are slower but contain much longer wavelengths. The main types of EMFs that have been linked to adverse health effects are electric fields, radio frequency, magnetic fields and dirty electricity.

Electric Fields | Sources include power strips, extension cords, electrical appliances, household electrical wiring, cords and charging stations.

Radio Frequency | Sources include smartphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth devices, electric vehicles, baby monitors, microwave ovens, cordless phones and LTE/3G/4G/5G cell networks.

Magnetic Fields | Sources include electric clock radios, power meters, electrical panels, high voltage power lines, cell towers and electric vehicles.

Dirty Electricity | Sources include electrical wiring, household dimmer switches, fluorescent lightbulbs, smart appliances and solar panels.

How Do EMFs Originate?

EMFs are found both naturally occurring in nature, as well as from modern man-made frequencies. These naturally produced EMFs, such as sunlight (visible light and UV), the Earth’s frequency (called the Schumann Resonance at 7.83hz) and our own electromagnetic signals are greatly lower than man-made frequencies.

Over time our bodies have adapted to many changes in these naturally occurring frequencies, however, research has yet to prove that our bodies are adapting or able to safely integrate the levels of man-made EMFs we are exposed to on a daily basis. And unless you decide to completely live off the grid, disable your smartphone, use only candlelight and never step foot into an airport, grocery store or Starbucks again, you are constantly being exposed to man-made EMFs all day long.

Why Should I Care About EMFs?

High EMF exposure can damage our cellular structures and DNA. Our cells react to these frequencies just like other environmental toxins and create a biochemical stress response in reaction and recognition of electromagnetic fields at even low levels of exposure. Physically our cells communicate via electrical means within the body and these impulses then regulate our entire body.

Our bodies also act as antennae, receiving and relaying information back to the brain about our physical environment, seen and unseen. Exposure to high amounts of EMFs can disrupt our own electromagnetic systems within our body, cause DNA damage, open up the blood-brain barrier, allow toxic pollutants to enter the brain and can greatly reduce the body’s natural ability to regulate and heal. And this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Health concerns that have been linked to chronic harmful EMF exposure:
blood sugar imbalances
brain cancer
brain fog
breast cancer
headaches and migraines
fertility + reproductive disorders
hormonal imbalances
joint pain
liver failure
weakened immune system

Before you completely freak out, let me remind you that the body is incredible and highly adaptable to environmental changes. And while we may not be able to 100% protect ourselves against these invisible frequencies, there are many natural ways we can assist our body in adapting to the stress caused by EMFs, as well as many tools we can implement to protect our physical environment. First and foremost, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress and limiting the time we are exposed to EMFs helps establish a strong foundation of protection.

Simple Ways To Limit EMF Exposure

A healthy lifestyle and reduced exposure to harmful EMFs all help the body recover, adjust and heal. Small simple adjustments can produce huge dividends in your protection against EMFs as you navigate modern life. Technology is incredible if we allow it to be one tool for expansion rather than the only tool for expansion. Try these:

+ Unplug modem and Wi-Fi at night and when not in use. Better yet, use wired cable or an ethernet plug instead of Wi-Fi at home.

+ Always keep laptop and tablets on tables or desk, never on lap or body.

+ Remove all electronics from your bedroom. Replace cellphone alarm with a battery operated one.

+ Use speakerphone or tube earphones for calls, never against your body.

+ Use grounding mats for desk and bed, and grounding shoes, like the ones from Astara, when out and about.

+ Reduce the amount of smart devices on or around your body such as watches, step counters, electric toothbrushes, bluetooth headphones, etc.

+ Never work on your laptop or phone while it is plugged into the charger.

+ Turn your phone on airplane mode while in the car. The car acts as a metal amplifier for EMFs, and when your phone is trying to receive cell signals and Wi-Fi, the frequencies are bouncing all around the car. If needed for GPS, use Google maps and airplane mode so the app will still track location but on a much lower frequency than in full use.

+ Place black tourmaline, smokey quartz or shungite around modems, TVs and computers.

+ Bring in more plants. NASA suggests 12 to 15 plants per 1000 square foot in an area to clean up the air. Spider plants, cactus, snake plants, aloe vera and peace lilies are all great to help absorb radiation.

Lifestyle Changes For EMF Protection

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps support the body to ward off environmental toxins and their effects.

+ Get regular massages to assist lymphatic system flush.

+ Do infrared sauna sessions to increase circulation and detox.

+ Use rebound trampoline for increased circulation and to assist lymphatic system. Learn about the benefits here.

+ Use adaptogenic herbs such as chaga, reishi, astragalus and schisandra berry to support the immune and nervous system.

+ Breathwork and deep breathing exercises help to bring oxygen to the blood for increased circulation and flow.

+ Do daily meditation for increased immunity and a calm nervous system.

+ Ground naturally into the earth allowing for 20 minutes barefoot on grass, sand or soil.

+ Maintain seven to eight hours of sleep each night allowing body to fall into natural circadian rhythm.

Additional Tips For The Sensitive Type

If you suspect you are highly sensitive to EMFs (or if you want to take it to the next level), here are a few additional options for protection against EMFs.

+ Check if your house has a smart meter or digital RF meter from the utility company, or an analog meter. If you have a smart meter, call or write your utility company and request to opt out and receive an analog.

+ Disable Bluetooth in your car.

+ Shut down circuit breakers at night, or at least the power to the bedroom(s). Use battery operated clocks and lights in the bedroom at night.

+ Move your bed at least six inches from the nearest wired wall.

+ Replace light dimmers. Dimmers are a major contributor to dirty electricity. Replace all dimmers in the house completely, or use specific dimmers that work with LED lighting.

+ Reduce use of electricity and appliances between 7-9am and 4-5pm as this is when the citywide electrical grid is in the most use, thus increasing flow of electricity and increasing dirty electricity into the home.

+ Check levels of electro-pollution such as radio frequency, magnetic and electric frequencies by purchasing an at-home EMF meter or having an EMF expert or building biologist come to the house for an in-home inspection.

+ Use EMF shielding paint for rooms with high EMF exposure (such as next to modems, utility meters or homes close to cell towers). The shielding paint is black and can be painted underneath wallpaper or latex paint.

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